I’m a girl who has never usually been happy with her makeup look. I always looked to Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest for inspo – never realising that most edit their photos to enhance their features.

I have changed make-up brands more times than I’ve changed my clothes, no word of a lie. But, then again, can you really call yourself a girly-girl if you haven’t?

Complex makeup routines are honestly something that I could never really get the hang of… I used to slather it on and hope for the best. In most instances, it’ll come out too thick and cakey, but too light a coverage and pale a tone in others.


Eyelash Curler

How anyone can use the metal eyelash curlers I don’t know… That scares me. Legitimately terrifying. They look like a gruesome, medical/dentistry instrument that can be found in an operating theatre! 😱 #DrStrange

I can’t and won’t ever curl my lashes with them because the thought of putting my eyelids and eyelashes (or eyes in general) through that is a risk I never want to take.


Lush: Million Dollar Moisturiser

I’m 25 and at that age where I need to start looking after my skin. SPF is vital (even if, like me, you live in the U.K. and get hardly any sunshine) when out during the day – because the lack of it speeds up the aging process and makes your skin receptive to pigmentation or dark/age-spots.

Million Dollar Moisturiser, from Lush, is the one I’ve been using for a bit and I’ll start singing its praises now.



We’re well into the #Halloweekend celebrations and I know y’all will be getting dressed up to the nines in fancy dress and channelling your inner Suicide Squad.



Happy Halloween weekend, folks!

Have a good one… Enjoy!

If you’re not up to much, check out this funny Halloween-inspired viral video prank. It’s legitimately my favourite.