Travel. I’ve seen these types of post kicking about, so I thought I’d join the bandwagon…

Well, what better way to post a travel blog than one specifically highlighting my bucket list?

I’ve lived in Africa, the UK and am from the Middle East. I’ve also seen parts of Europe and USA. But, there are still so many places I’d like to tick off my list…

1) China – Hong Kong*

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I’d love to go to China. I’ll be going there at the end of the year, I cannot wait.

2) Australia – Bondi Beach

A trip of a lifetime. I watch Home & Away in awe of that lifestyle. Finish work, head to the beach and chill. I can’t ever imagine being depressed when living that life. Sun, sea and sand… What’s not to love?

3) Japan – Ishigaki

For the sushi and the geishas. Also, for Kiki’s Delivery Service (and the aesthetics).

4) Greece – Santorini

A friend of mine just got back, and the photos she showed me were amazing. Those famous ‘white with blue roof’ houses are to LIVE for!

5) Caribbean (everything)

I just want to Island hop.

6) Kenya – Giraffe Manor*

I’m booking this for my 30th. This will be the way I’ll be celebrating my 30th. (I’m also not even 28 yet.) So, that is my long-term goal.

7) South Africa – Safari

Yep. This. I want to be surrounded by animals – specifically giraffedem.

8) Iceland – Igloo Hotel.

For the frostbite. I mean, they don’t call it Ice-land for nothing… You wouldn’t want to go there for heatstroke!

9) Monaco

Top of the list. But, number 9 on this one. (My day of birth.)

10) Orlando, Florida*

I’ve booked this for my 29th birthday already. I’ll be going with my family to Disney Resort. Reliving my childhood the year before I turn qwerty 30? The name’s Miamii, you should expect nothing less.

When I think of the word ‘holiday’, the first question that crosses my mind is: “How to pack a suitcase?”

What are your plans?  Whatever you’re doing, I’m sure you’ll have a great time whenever and wherever you go. Anyway, this is a very cool and relevant post that I think you’ll enjoy. I hope it inspires you and takes the edge off some of the planning.

I always find packing a suitcase strenuous. For me, it’s the most grueling part. I always worry about packing too much, or too little. Also, there’s the whole breaking a disc in my back from carrying it around… Not fun.

Anyway, I’ve been on enough trips to have ‘cracked the case’ where packing is concerned.


If you’re going away and just know that you’ll end up at a party or need a coat for the evening chill, keep them on their hangers – but fold them when you put them in. Also, they should always, always be at the top of the suitcase, so you can take them out easily and hang them up when you get to your hotel room.


I put my bras, knickers, and shoes in the zip-up compartment usually found in the lid of most suitcases. That section is great for blazers and smartwear too – if you’re going away for work purposes. It prevents major creasing.


PJs should be placed in the second layer of your suitcase. So, you’ll have your dresses/coats/robes front facing (ready to hang in your wardrobe), and your PJs should be just below them.

The reason for this is that we arrive in day clothes unless being a naturist is your thing… Which, if that’s what you’re into, more power to you!

So, realistically, the first garment of clothing you’ll need is your PJs. That’s why I’d put them second.


Your outfits should be placed in the order of days that they’ll be worn. For instance, the clothes you’ll be wearing on your first full day should be just below your PJs, as they’re the next thing you’ll be needing.

TOP TIP: t-shirts/hoodies/sweatshirts on left and trousers/shorts/skirts on right. Think of your suitcase as a trifle. Layer it up, in order.


Nestle them in between. There’s always room if you just drop them in sporadically between clothes.


Whether it’s your hair or beauty products, keep them locked in a safe bag that won’t leak. I have a beauty bag that fits everything I need.

TOP TIP: leave ALL your liquids in your cabin bag. Don’t leave it in your hand luggage. It’s such a hassle when getting past security!

What suitcase should you take? One that suits the duration of your trip. I have My American Tourister, it’s SO easy to pack and light enough to carry. And, it wheels around pretty well. It’s a dreamboat. Also, the colour is to LIVE for! Can’t carry it around if I’m dead, can I? 💞


This is a video on how to FOLD your clothes for suitcases appropriately because no-one has the time to carry an iron & board… If your hotel room has an iron and board, there’s no way you’ll be using it… Only I’d do that!

Lastly, I’d advise that you wear clothes and shoes/boots that take up the most space in your suitcase on your flight day. This’ll ensure your suitcase doesn’t go over when you’re checking it in.

Located in the south coast between the rainforest and soft sands, Carlisle Bay is one of the world’s leading luxury resorts, appealing to families and couples alike.

This hotel is a must-stay for high-net-worth individuals who wish to spend time off their yacht, in a newly refurbished resort offering a contemporary and understated style that doesn’t distract from the island’s natural beauty.

Carlisle Bay Resort, which opened its doors in 2003, promises sophisticated, stylish interiors and access to a relaxing spa. The fact that it’s situated in a corner of the island means it offers plenty of privacy, allowing regular yacht use, but also within a short distance of the English Harbour.

Tell me more!

The picturesque views, friendly staff, upbeat guests and genuine hospitality is enough to distinguish Antigua from other Caribbean islands. This all-suite resort has it all from crystal clear turquoise waters, emerald green hills to plentiful swaying palms… 

Guests are promised a taste of the premium Antiguan lifestyle, with romantically dimmed lights spanning the gardens outside and an array of orchids along and custom-made furnishings/interiors inside.

What can I expect?

If you’re looking for endless fun in an outdoor pool, a brisk walk in tranquil gardens or to laze around in a comfy hammock – Carlisle Bay is the place to be! Also, if the beauty of Earth phenomena is your thing, why not watch the sunrise or sunset during a yoga session on the Jetty?

Cinema fans can also attend selected film screenings at the luxurious Screening Room. Bookworms, Carlisle Bay has its own quirky library packed with only the best and top travel reads for you.

Your little ones can use up all their energy in the ‘Cool Kids Club’ offers a paddling pool, sand pit and jungle gym. The resort also runs a handful of fun activities such as lizard hunting and crab racing. The message here is: there’s something for everyone.

The Blue Spa, like the rest of this hotel, is fabulously stripped back and screams luxury and glamour. It’s small but mighty. Guests are offered facials from super brand NaturaBisse (used by Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow) and body wraps, scrubs and massages. Unusually, there are treatments for teenagers too, plus a yoga pavilion, wet room and sauna… What’s not to love?

At Carlisle Bay, only the healthiest and finest dishes will do – guests are promised a different flavoured healthy smoothie each morning at breakfast and can expect healthy but tasty meals suitable for all diets throughout the day. Some crowd favourites are: sampling the fresh seafood at Indigo on the Beach, tucking into authentic Italian cuisine poolside at Ottimo! or enjoying Catch of the Day fish at The Jetty Grill on the beach front. Do you want a taste of the Far East without leaving the Caribbean? Well, in that case, be sure to visit East, one of the island’s most renowned restaurants and enjoy live music at the Pavilion Bar. 

Full list of amenities:

  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Gym
  • Kids’ club
  • Laundry room
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Tennis court
  • Wi-Fi

Famous last words…

Carlaisle Bay is family and wheelchair friendly resort, this means that all generations and people of all disabilities can enjoy their stay.

 Finally, no, Carlisle Bay doesn’t come cheap. Then again, this second-to-none luxurious experience is not to be missed and one that is well worth the splurge! 

Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua