crystal fancrystal fan

Guys. This weather’s been a bit more than Global Warming, hasn’t it? Crystal fan.

I mean, on Thursday, I thought we were dealing with a case of National Incineration, not even Global Warming – with temperatures reaching a stratospheric 39 Celsius, 102 Fahrenheit.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you too survived this heatwave. Yay!

Better to be far from each other and still living, than far from each other and dead, is the saying. ❤️

Back to the electric fan, I bought it from Amazon, it costs £18.99.

I’m so lucky it exists because it keeps me cool and makes me look like one of those clever people on the trains.

I used to see people fanning themselves with compact and portable fans every day on #TfL as I sat (one day a year) and/or stood (the rest of the days a year) there roasting between people’s sweaty armpits.

So, things had to change… I bought one and turns out, mine’s philosophical too! Beat that, fellow commuters!

The Crystal Fan has three speeds: slow breeze, medium breeze, and a fast breeze. I’m extreme, so I love the fast breeze.

Note: it has an internal battery, so you’ll need to connect it to a USB port to power it up once the battery empties.

Final thoughts? It does the job, it gets a thumbs up from ‘mii!

If you’d like one for yourself – they come in a range of colours, click here.


Want to discover the best apps of iPhone (that might also be on Android)? Well, look no further than this post, but scroll further down it!

Social Media:


#SelfieDay was yesterday, but it’s every day thanks to Snapchat.


The above, but without the dog ears. By filter, Instagram means Clarendon, Gingham, Moon and the like.


Well, well, well… If it isn’t the most overused app on my phone. Yes, I tweet a lot.

What can I say? I love birds, and would do anything to sound like them. Tweet-twoo! 🦉


I’ve heard it’s good, but not using it. It’s a video app, kinda like Vine (before it closed), but not, because it closed. If you use any social-media platforms from the above list, you’d have come across a TikTok video.

Why haven’t I included Facebook? Because it drains out our phones’ batteries.



The Sims, but architecture only. Build a house, the best house. Enjoy.

Balanced Tower AR

Jenga, but better.

I’ve also been known to play Flow, Flappy Bird and Temple Run, I bossed all. I also love all word games including Word Cross.

Peak Brain Training

This is amazing if you want to keep your brain active and healthy. There are puzzles and quizzes to test and improve your memory, focus etc.



A great app for motivation. It has a lot of affirmations, and you’ll feel great after each use. This app has it all: guided meditations, mindfulness – also awesome at beating insomnia.

How To: Get Around In London

City Mapper

Yeah. If you’re in London and want to learn quick and simple transport routes that’ll get from A-B, download this. It promises to get you around easier and faster.



All your music and playlists in one place. The ‘Browse’ feature is pretty ace too because it’s categorised well. You’ll be sure to be introduced to new music. You can also follow musicians on there too, getting notified when they release new albums/music.


You ever been out and a song comes on which you can’t for the life of you remember the name of? Well, not any more thanks to, Shazam. You’re welcome.

Getting Around by Car


Where would I/we be without this app? Probably flued up because of the germs on public transport. I/we cannot and have never been on a train without catching a cold. So, Uber is the way forward.

Also, when was the last time you sat down on your commute during rush hour? Exactly. Money well spent.

You can even use this abroad in most countries and cities.


Apple Pay (pre-loaded in most iPhones)

Speaking of money, this app will ask you to scan your credit card before recording its details, making its easier than ever for you to ‘make it rain’ while you’re out & about… Just be sure take an umbrella, even if you’ve forgotten your wallet at home!

Apple Wallet (pre-loaded in most iPhones)

I love this. You literally won’t need to carry your wallet again. Just keep everything there. Do you have a flight coming up? Store your eTicket there automatically, ready to scan at check-in.

Pennies – £3.99

Be your own accountant. This makes it easy to save and keep tabs on your spending.



See and hear your loved ones while they’re away at no extra cost (FaceTime – if they too have an iPhone).

**In-app purchases (for most apps featured in this list) may apply.

We live in a world where smartphones have dumb batteries!

My phones’ batteries just so happen to be the worst, always.

The one time I had a Samsung, the battery was ridiculous.

Since then, it’s been back to iPhone, which is somewhat less ridiculous but still shocking nonetheless.

So, how do I make the most of my phone’s battery? Truth is, I don’t really. It’s inevitable that the battery is going to die after one straight hour of using it.

Oh yeah, speaking of phones… I’ve turned off the setting for ‘Screen Time’, too.

Do I want to have visual evidence of what I already know, which is – I’m addicted to my phone, and social-media in particular? Nope.

Do I need to know that I spend 28 hours a day on social-media? Again, nope. I already know, I was there when I spent it. The thing about that was I tried to cheat. I thought that if I deleted my social-media apps and logged into my accounts using Safari, it won’t calculate it as ‘social media’… Still got caught.

Anyway, back to battery-saving life hacks!

1) Switch location settings off

This is important if you want to save battery life. Location settings being on the whole time ruin your phone’s battery life and cause your phone to overheat quicker. After using it to order your Uber or use Google Maps, get in the habit of switching it off.

2) Turn brightness way down

This is important. It helps with sleep too. If you don’t want to switch your phone to Night Mode, making your screen turn a tea-stained shade of yellow, do this.

3) Delete social-media apps from phone

I know it sounds like a really obvious thing to say, but social-media apps drain the battery.

If you delete them and use Safari, it doesn’t just improve your phone’s battery life, but saves space on your phone too! Just think of the pictures, videos and songs you won’t have to delete!

TOP TIP: Facebook and Messenger apps are the most notorious of battery stealers.

4) Turn Bluetooth off

Apple’s bright idea to remove the headphone socket – making us sacrifice charging and listening to music at the same time – sucks. It means that we have to wear wireless headphones if we want to do both.

Obviously we cannot connect wireless headphones without Bluetooth, so – my advice is charge your phone while you listen to music.

Yes, I know this isn’t something you can control, it just means your battery won’t die quicker than it would if you wasn’t listening to music.

5) Turn on Aeroplane Mode and use WiFi instead

This is so important! When you’re in a place where you can connect to the WiFi, switch to Aeroplane Mode and use WiFi instead of your data.

6) Close all your apps after you finish with them

Don’t keep your apps open if you’re not using them. This drains your battery. Even keeping multiple tabs in Safari open is enough to drain your phone’s battery, remember that.

7) Check battery usage setting to see which apps* are draining your battery the most

Do this. It’s worth it. Get rid of the one that wastes the most battery – I ain’t no Claire Voyant, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Facebook.

8) Switch the ‘battery saver’ setting on

Easy fix. Easy to do.

9) Free up space

I believe that space on your phone affects your phone’s battery life too. So, if you can afford to, don’t download your Spotify playlists* and/or delete old photos, videos and music. Back them up first, though!

FACT: If you download the songs on your Spotify app, it takes up a considerable amount of space (depending the amount of songs you have on there).

10) Don’t charge your phone until it goes under 20%

I’m quite bad when it comes to charging my phone at the correct time. I don’t let it drain out until below 20% before charging it, and I charge it through the night.

Both of the above are bad if you want to maintain your phone’s battery life and make it last longer.

However, if you follow the hacks above, you won’t feel your phone overheating at least. Basically, your battery won’t melt.

Ultimately, your phone’s battery will die at some stage… Therefore, you should always keep a portable power bank with you (or your phone’s charging lead) at all times to avoid being cut off.

If you spotted the ‘*’ in this post, those are clues to the next posts to look out for…

I just need to charge my phone first.

OnDemand manufacturing may have just recently began growing in popularity, but serial entrepreneur Pablos Holman was cracking the market for years!

Holman, an American businessman, has long been manufacturing some eclectic tights on demand… Enter: Bombsheller!

The range of quirky, customizable leggings come in a range 10 sizes, and enable customers to choose from thousands of pre-selected designs (with the option to upload their own). Each pair is digitally printed, cut, sewn to shipped in as little as 24 hours…

“It took months for classical fashion business to become the final product,” reflects Pablos as his company Bombsheller continues to make waves in the “wearable technology” world.

The idea behind Bombsheller came when the computer expert [Pablos] decided that he wanted to break into the fashion market, whilst connecting it with his main passion, technology. “It will be the first programmable clothing factory,” Holman previously mentioned in an interview with The Independent.

Bombsheller continues to go from strength to strength, and will forever remain as one of the first innovators in OnDemand manufacturing – especially where fashion’s concerned. is a platform that hosts thousands of vape products suppliers. This makes for the greatest platform as it eliminates the need of trying to get individual websites to get to suppliers. The lets you shop around to find the product and service your vape shop needs without too much hassle. However, not all suppliers can be rated the same, as some are better than others. The slightest of differences place one company over another, and this ends up making one company better.

As a buyer, you want to deal with a supplier who will give you the best and therefore make your purchase worth it. To ensure that you have the best product and/or supplier, there are a few things you should always pay attention to.

How To Get The Best Deals And Choose The Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers

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List of Products Offered By Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers

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Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers Prices

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Post Sale Support Offered By Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers

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While you may not be sure of the post sale service just yet, the response rate and the willingness and patience to answer your product related questions is a good way to judge a company. While this may not be true 100% of the time, for the most part the communication before sales will be generally the same even after the sale has been made.

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