Johnson’s Baby Oil. That’s it, that’s the post.

When a baby is born, their skin is at its most delicate. That’s why we perfected our formulas over 125 years so they’re now even more gentle for all. Our Baby Oil is specially designed to lock in more than double the moisture† to keep delicate skin soft and feeling healthy. Connect with your baby through touch! Use baby oil during a baby massage for a bonding experience that is relaxing for both you and your little one. Great for kids and adults too!

  • Hypoallergenic* and pH balanced

  • Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested

  • Free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, and alcohol

  • Our Clinically Proven Mildness formula is specially designed for baby’s delicate skin

  • Pure and gentle daily care

  • Moisturises and protects delicate skin from dryness

  • Ideal for baby massage

*formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. † than baby lotion

We only choose high quality ingredients that are gentle for baby. That’s why we’ve rejected over 400 ingredients that don’t meet our Best for Baby™ Standards.

You know what I love about Johnson’s Baby Oil? It’s really smooth. I feel like my skin just glows – albeit a greasy glow – but a glow nonetheless… Which, if I’m inside my house – brilliant. That’s the only time I apply it.

I basically sit around looking like a greasy Earth goddess.

See that light in my room? It just switched itself on. Sexy!


Baby oil. But not just any oil, Johnson’s Baby Oil.

I need to get up to 350 words, but I don’t have much else to say… It’s Baby Oil.

Parents use it, babies use it, grandparents use it, cousins use it, aunties and uncles use it… At risk of repeating myself, grand parents even use it. Literally everyone uses it. Your whole family and circle of friends use it (or have used it).

The next person you touch? They’ve used it. So, that skin is Johnson’s Baby Oil material.

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Alya Skin is the most talked about cosmetics brand right now. Straight from ‘Down Under’, this line of skincare has taken the beauty blogging world by storm. 

If you’re a beauty/lifestyle blogger, you’ll know it’s everywhere – even on Instagram…

What’s good about it? Well, it’s supposed to be the Holy Grail of acne cures!

I tried it and will be giving you a full, frank and honest review that’s not sponsored. 

Alya Skin Pomegranate Facial Exfoliator
  • To be used prior to the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask.
  • Safe for sensitive skin types.
  • Deeply exfoliates and cleanses your skin. 
  • Extracts pollutants and nasties from your skin
  • Assists in the removal of acne and pimples.

What do I love about this? That it isn’t abrasive. I didn’t find it harsh or irritable. Also, umm – pomegranates?! 

With acne, the battle is finding exfoliators that are effective at treating and preventing breakouts without leaving scars. This one does just that. It’s gentle on skin, but goes deep, clearing away the nasty impurities. 

Remember to always apply toner after you exfoliate or else your pores will remain open.


Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

Alya Skin Mask works to gently detoxify and brightens skin whilst tightening the pores. Alya skin is100% vegan, animal cruelty free and support PETA. Suitable for sensitive skin types with beneficial ingredients that help strengthen, detoxify and cleanse skin of pollutants and toxins to reveal clearer, beautiful skin. Kaolin clay removes toxins, pollutants and nasties from your skin. Helps to remove pigmentation clusters from your skin surface, as well as simulate regeneration of skin cells. DETOX. Reduces skin inflammation and assitin removing eczema and acne. Contains antioxidants that are amazing for your skin health. Tightens your pores and gives you smooth skin. CLEANSING. Provides anti aging like effect and tones the skin. Speeds up the healing of pimples. Detoxifies your skin from nasty pollutants that come in to contact with our skin, keeping it fresh and healthy.

Next up is the Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask, I’ve read online that people are comparing it to Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Mask. However, I can’t comment on that. What I can do. is give my opinion on Alya Skin’s version. 

As someone who suffers from acne, I’d heard that this really soothes the skin, moisturises it and keeps it fresh – getting rid of any/all impurities. I had to try it out.

Since then, I could definitely tell the difference between pre and post-application. For instance, my skin felt softer and more radiant afterward.


Alya Skin Australian Native Berries Moisturiser

A facial moisturiser, ideal for all skin types.

Developed with a revitalising complex of 3 antioxidant super-berries, the Australian Native Berries Moisturiser deeply replenishes and hydrates the skin. This nourishing cream absorbs quickly, infused with a blend of anti-aging vitamins, softening butters and oils to restore a super-soft, radiant complexion.

  • Pepperberry – Rich in antioxidants.
  • Riberry – Contains vitamin E to protect skin from external

This has to be my favourite moisturiser – potentially ever. It is absolutely amazing. It’s quick to dry but keeps the skin looking the right amount of hydrated.

What’s more, I absolutely love the thickness of the cream. It glides on well and creates a transparent almost-second skin.

This moisturiser smells amazing too thanks to its inclusion of berries… I’ve got to say it’s a great base for make-up too.

Absolute winner!  Also, for £14.99 when purchased separately, you can’t go wrong – it’s money well spent.

The bundle might cost you £51.00 but at least you’ll get a pink towel thrown in.

Finally, I could really tell that this brand is Australian because their line of products is…  KOALATY!


Introducing my favourite oil of the moment… DōTERRA, Lemon!

The cleansing, purifying, and invigorating properties of Lemon make it one of the most versatile oils, not to mention the top-selling essential oil that doTERRA offers.

Lemon oil on my face, swag. #Lemonde🍋

I haven’t got a bad thing to say about this oil. I’d go as far as to say it’s the first product that I’ve applied on my face which gave results after just one application.

I use it all over my face and then apply a soothing Kiehl’s mask on top before going to bed and wake up the next day with the better skin than the night before. In the morning, I wash the mask off and apply coconut oil before a Kiehl’s serum and then moisturiser.

Next time I’m applying my DōTERRA oil, I’ll be sure to watch Keith Lemon as I apply it.

Some people dilute it, I just apply it straight on. I use it on my face, but others like to get massaged with it after having their significant other light a few candles to set the scene. Use it as you wish. You can also experiment by using it with other oils. I have DōTERRA’s Cypress (not the country) and ZenGest. However, I personally don’t think they’re as great as the Lemon.


CBD is the closest I’ll get to a zoot. I’m naturally high on my own supply, so imagine if I started doing weed as well!? Perish the thought!

Seeing as I use lemon and coconut oil in unison daily, I cannot use CBD oil alone too! Instead, I’ve been implementing it into my skincare routine another way, in the form of a moisturiser.

The Inkey List’s Hemp Oil Moisturiser is lightweight, and dries to reveal a matte-finish instantly.

Why do I love it?

It’s quite affordable (at £7.99) and helps my skin look less stressed, irritated, dehydrated and tired. It’s also anti-ageing. Any dermatologist would tell you to start with anti-ageing products earlier, so your skin gets used to it. I’ve been using it since I was like 23.

Thank God (and Psy) for Korean Hemp Plants!

What does it do to my skin?

Calmer, plumper and better protected skin that is a smooth matte to touch. Matthew!

What does The Inkey List say about it?

Whilst perfect for dryer skin, Hemp is also benefical for skin that just needs a nourishment boost if it has become irriated or dehydrated by many lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, travelling or general irritation, and needs a bit of calm.

Might fuck around and get The Inkey List’s skincare range tattooed on my arm like a full-sleeve. #INKEY


Carbon Theory; a fresh way to cleanse skin and ban breakouts with three powerful natural ingredients combined in a solid bar, Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil, and hyper moisturising Shea Butter.

This is the most-talked about beauty product right now, and I got to try it!

The cleansing bar:

Our lab-formulated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar has been dermatologically proven to prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear, balanced and hydrated.

For £6, this keeps the pre-menstrual breakouts at bay.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I use charcoal quite a lot. I use charcoal powder on my teeth, and have been partial to charcoal scrubs, masks and cleansers – literally everything is charcoal.


Lush: Prince of Darkness


This, and Bioré.


Dr Organic.

Charcoal tooth powder?


But, this is a great all-over body soap too. The rumours are true, it clears the skin and leaves it looking fresh.

Want a bar before it sells out? Check out the range now.

I’ve got a theory about carbon, it’s breathtaking.