Real Issues That Affect Us


The sun in the clouds, the birds in the trees, the freedom to do as we please.

The prayers in our heart, the plans in our mind, the future is ours to find.

Life knows a stumble and a buckle, but it also hears a chuckle.

Black/white, high as a kite… The choice is ours whether to fight or flight.

The hurt you’re feeling now will become the catalyst of the victory you’ll receive later.

Comic Relief

Don’t forget to get your Comic Relief Red Nose Day nose before March 15 2019, from Oxfam, Sainsbury’s or Argos. Who nose which one you might get. I’m still trying my luck at finding the rarest of all, Transforminos.

Apparently, I’ve got a one in 8,000+ chance of finding Transforminos. As Nicki Minaj puts it: I ain’t lucky, I’m blessed, yes.