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Let’s go! Motivate yourself to get the job done. Do it!

Are you ready to be motivated? Say it with me: “MOTIVATION FOR THE NATION (AND INTER-NATIONS)!”

Look, the truth is- without motivation, we wouldn’t get anything done…

What is your motivation? For some, it’s family/friends and careers. We are all different, and that’s what makes us beautiful.

Now, in order to maintain that motivation, we need the motivation to keep going, moving closer to our goals.

Well, you’re in luck, because this post’s got tips that will keep you motivated, or even boost that much needed… Motivation.

I don’t believe I’ve said it enough times already, so… Here it is, “motivation”.


If music moves you, listen to it while you’re getting the work done.

According to science (and my memory), music helps us stay motivated and concentrated on a task.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a playlist and go to town on your ears!

Cut Yourself Some Slack:

We are our own worst critics. The truth is, we are the only one with the vision.

If things don’t go according to plan, who knew what we actually wanted to achieve?

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Go with the flow, and you’ll get to your destination at the perfect time, not a second earlier, or later. Take your time. Slow. Down.

Try to remember that pushing ourselves too hard, or overdoing/overthinking things ruins them.

Break Down Your Workload/Goal

This tip is my favourite, mainly because it’s the one I’ve just recently mastered.

Imagine that overall long-term goal… But, don’t make it the be-all-and-end-all. Make short term goals that get you closer to achieving it, and whether it be weekly or monthly, evaluate your progress.

In terms of a specific task, break down the workload.

Think of all the stages that go into the overall picture… What are the pieces that make up the whole puzzle? Then, each time you complete a segment, celebrate by rewarding yourself with something you enjoy.

It’s fair to note that: taking regular breaks between/during tasks is vital. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out.

The reality is, we will not be any closer to our goal in 10 minutes. It takes time, and patience.

Reward Yourself

This isn’t just about rewarding yourself each time you do something that gets you closer to your end goal… It’s also about rewarding yourself for staying motivated even though there is every reason not to. That, in itself, is an accomplishment.

Remind Yourself of The Goal & Why You’re Doing It

Keep the vision in mind, and never forget why you’re doing it. Never let go of that, especially not at the most testing times.

When you have every reason to give up, the end goal is the very reason you shouldn’t – motivate yourself with these thoughts.

In the same way, once you’ve reached your goal, don’t forget to look back on all it took to get there. You’ve earned this!

According to my GCSE Maths teacher, I can’t count… There’s more.

Be Innovative With Your Tasks

Tasks needn’t be boring. Find ways to make them fun, it’ll motivate you! Change it up a little bit… Research shows that when tasks seem boring/gruelling, we will always put them off. But, if they’re exciting and engaging, we’ll do them first.

Yes, there are fun ways of doing everything, and I mean literally everything. You’ve just got to find them.

Hi, student!

Welcome to another blog post! Hopefully, as most are, this’ll be another useful post to read!

This time, I’m discussing: University.

If you’re going back to University to study a masters/PhD or if you’re simply going to University for the first time, this post’s for you!

Making Friends

Are you moving away from home and beginning at a new University where you don’t know anyone? Join the University’s Facebook page/group.

Universities across England (and most likely abroad) have forums for Freshers/Freshman’s.

It’s also a good idea to use the Induction Day as a chance to hang out and meet the people on your course or studying similar courses. You’re going to be spending the next few years with them, after all…

DISCLAIMER: Don’t be afraid to be choosy about friends.

I was blessed with mine, but have heard stories where people’s choices in friends at University influenced them in the wrong ways.


Our communities, these days, are getting out of hand.

Unfortunately, we seem to be existing amongst barbarians (London’s crime rates are skyrocketing).

Therefore, please make sure to look out for people, always – on nights out especially.

DISCLAIMER, AGAIN: Stay true to yourself.

University is like starting secondary/middle or high school all over again.

Of course you want to be liked, but you’ll be loved for being yourself.

Find ways to break from the norm and not be swayed by peer-pressure.

Keep In Touch With Family & Friends From Home

Again, if you’ve moved away to attend University, keeping in contact with family and friends from your hometown is vital.

It will keep you levelheaded. You and your friends could always swap notes/introduce your friends to each other, growing your circle.

RING/TEXT. YOUR. PARENTS. EVERY. DAY. Although they talk bravado of “wanting to get rid of you” and such banter, your family (parents especially) will really miss you (and don’t mean any of it).

A family WhatsApp group (if you haven’t already got one setup) is a great way of keeping in contact with family. Swap memes if you have to! Just, keep the conversation alive. Let them know you’re okay, regularly.

Take Advantage Of Your Student Union

They’ll have some great offers on student resources, initiatives and extra-curricular activities to get involved in.

Another idea you should consider is: joining some Societies of interest. You can find out more information regarding this at your SU.

Joining a Society will help you increase your social circle. Hobbies are vital to take your mind off work and/or partying.

Set A Weekly/Monthly Budget

If you’re living away from home for the first time, being completely in charge of your own finances can be daunting.

Schools and colleges don’t teach us about this because Photosynthesis, Pythagoras and Of Mice & Men are more important.

First thing’s first, you need to budget having a good time versus paying your rent and other fees. I can’t stress enough how the most important thing to do is: budgeting.

There are some really good student budgeting apps that you can download too. Try Yolt, I recommend it!

It’s important to remember that you have responsibilities whilst at University, and that although partying all night, every night, is what we all want to do, it’s not feasible – and can leave us out of pocket.

Get a Part-Time Job

If you want to have more money to spend on partying or whatever else, which, let’s face it, everyone who’s not me, will… Get a part-time job.

You can start on a Christmas Temp contract and stay on afterwards (if your contract is extended). This will help you grow your budget.

NUS Card

NUS is the student card you shouldn’t live without.

Sign up to take advantage of some of the greatest offers in Entertainment, Fashion and much, much more!

Sign Up To Relevant Reddit/The Student Room Forums

There must be some Reddit or The Student Room forums that will give you more information on discounts for study or even entertainment resources.

You could even use this to connect with students in other Universities.

Your Hard-Drive or USB Should Be Your Best Friend

Back up your work!

It’s so important to save your coursework, lecture/seminar or exam notes in multiple places because if it’s lost… You’ve got yourself a SHITUATION!

Manage Your Workload

This should’ve been at the top, but I know how everyone (but mine)’s minds work.

Friends, good times, and money (to spend on good times) before actually doing the work required. That’s absolutely fine. We’re all entitled to live our lives the way we want.

I was a geek who kept lists and rewarded myself with several hours of playing Sims, so I could only daydream of being that way inclined.

The best thing (whether you’re a geek like me or a party/good-time seeker) is, we all get to the same destination in the end, and that’s success.

Look After Yourself


It’s all well & good telling you to look after others, but you are your own responsibility and you come first, always.

Look after yourself by staying healthy, happy and on keeping on track with your assignments.

Balance is the most important. Doing everything in moderation leads us to perfection.

If it’s not impossible/too far, try going home for the holidays. Split your time between home and University, you’ll feel better for it.

I hope this post has helped in given you some tips… If it hasn’t, I’m sorry?

I wish you all the luck with your studies and University is there to be enjoyed.

To conclude, make the most of every year, but particularly the first as that’s the least stressful (education-wise).


When anxiety or depression looms, I look to the Moon – my bear of comfort. It’s so weird, but just one look at this fella calms me down!

Fun fact: pills don’t actually work for me. I’ve tried anti-depressants, but they seem to do more harm for me than good.

If you know they work for you, take them in conjunction with attending counselling. Treat it right.

On anti-depressant tablets, I literally feel like a shell of myself. They seem to wipe out even the happiest emotions along with the vigour I have for doing my day-to-day activities. So, I’ve had to find alternative ways of coping with anxiety/depression, without making other parts of me worse… Enter: Moon!

This teddy bear is one of the very few purchases that sticks in my memory. I remember everything about the day I got him.

The story of Moon

I got him from Superdrug, in Swiss Cottage. After I got him, I took the bus home to drop him (and the rest of my shopping) off, before continuing to Uni.

Looking back, he was a free gift from Superdrug after buying a gift-set. Which, incidentally, is probably why I have fond memories of ‘buying him’, because I didn’t actually have to… It all makes sense now! He was a freebie, and we never forget a freebie… They’re literally priceless!

The USPs that Moon has to offer

He’s soft, cuddly and cute. Even after all these years, he’s maintained his softness enough for me to dub him ‘His Royal Softness’, reigning Supreme for years and long may that continue.

He’s also rose-gold in colour which is unique AF!

I’ve never really been much of a teddies collector or keeper in any case, but this one actually helps me with my anxiety, it’s strange even for me.

As I said, I feel relaxed when I look at him – it’s as if I’m holding one of my healing crystal. He’s just comforting.

What do I love about Moon (apart from the fact that he’s comforting)?

He never misplaces himself when I’m in a bad mood or having a panic attack…

If I was next-level unhinged, I’d be inclined to believe that ‘Toy Story’ is real and our toys come to life when we’re not looking, and that he moves to be within my eyeline when I feel myself getting close to a breakdown.

I lose everything, but I’ll never lose Moon. I hope he becomes a family heirloom that goes down from generations of my family. I hope he gives all his future owners as much comfort as he seems to give me.

If you think this post is weird, Molly-Mae off of #LoveIsland has a stuffed toy she sleeps with… Hers smells like armpits, apparently. Mine doesn’t.

I would like to know what unconventional things seem to cure your bouts of depression/anxiety, even if for a second.

Do you have something that calms you down but others think is weird? If so, comment below. It’d be really interesting for me to find out what others rely on.

Message: don’t be ashamed of the unconventional things that make you feel better. Without them, we’d be emotional wrecks.


The sun in the clouds, the birds in the trees, the freedom to do as we please.

The prayers in our heart, the plans in our mind, the future is ours to find.

Life knows a stumble and a buckle, but it also hears a chuckle.

Black/white, high as a kite… The choice is ours whether to fight or flight.

The hurt you’re feeling now will become the catalyst of the victory you’ll receive later.