Lush: Lover Lamp

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! You know, the celebration where we remember the cute, half-naked baby who flew around stabbing people with a bow and arrow, making them fall in love? Yeah, that’s the one! #Cupid

LUSH celebrates this occasion a lot less painfully though – by enabling you to soak in a bath filled with soothing natural ingredients that aim to let you forget Cupid’s puncture actions for one day/night at least. I mean, with Lover Lamp in your bath, you’ll even be sure to forget all of your past relationships!

However your V Day pans out, you can rely on this amorous organic cocoa butter embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin. As vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil sweet nothings are whispered into your bathwater, cocoa butter hearts unfurl to envelop you in a romantic rendezvous – cleansing climax guaranteed.

Although Lush’s Lover Lamp isn’t the brightest bath melt to come out of the franchise, it’s definitely one of the most fragrant. It smells like Vanilla, Orange and Cocoa Butter (if they ever were to meet, mate, and conceive/reproduce).

What I love most about this bath sphere is the melting red jelly love hearts that melt away from the powder-salts and are released into the water as it dissolves. Stunning stuff!

Apparently, if you catch some and rub them on your skin, they’ll emit a chocolate orange-type scent! Oh and these hearts are packed with cocoa butter so, if you want to get hydrated, rub them on your body like Ed Sheeran would while serenading you with ‘Shape of You’… #TUNE #HaventGotOverIt #WontHaveGottenOverItCome2018

Sadly, when the fizzy sphere is no more, nothing changes in the water (colour-wise), but I heard there are three EDIBLE hearts that come up to the surface and float, ready for you to eat them… Before you ask, I didn’t even try this because I am not one to eat Love Hearts soaked in my own bath water. What do you take me for?!

I don’t know if you know this, but just ’cause I take Snapchat selfies, that doesn’t make me an animal!

Lastly before lastly, Lover Lamp surprised me because the powdery, vanilla-y, cocoa buttery smell stayed all BATH LONG… ALL BATH! #ALittleBitOfLionelRichieNeverHurtNobody

Finally (until I publish another post which will probably be dropped in the next 30 mins), it’s a LOVE-ly bath sphere to use around the time of Valentine’s Day. See what I did there? Ha! Yeah, okay. Nothing to see here… Bye! #PunIntended

Love and light,



Liz Earle: Hot Cloth Soap & Polish Cleanser

Liz Earle. You must have heard of Liz Earle, right? If not, have no fear ’cause you can find Liz Earle counters at the large Boots and department stores!

Tonight, I’m reviewing Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser because I’ve heard so much about it (all good things) and decided that I should blog about it now or forever hold my peace…

You know what? The 5* reviews I read on Boots, online shopping sites and previous posts I’ve come across were right! It’s actually a grest cleanser. It didn’t leave a spec of makeup on my face, left my skin hydrated afterwards with a soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom feel to it. My face has never looked so clean!

Some leave it on the skin overnight, most apply it, leave it to soak into the skin, then wipe with the muslin hot cloth provided (to polish), bedge washing off with hot water. I must say, the best way I found of using it was with the use of hot cloth. It really removed all the impurities and gave my skin a cleaner feel!

The packaging? You get quite a bit of product for the price (as well as a clean muslin cloth), it’s presented in a nice pastel-green bottle and case.

The smell? A fresh, luxuriously rich and soapy scent that lets everyone know that you’ve just washed your face.

The consistency? Liquid soap. It applies like gel.

The results wash-after-wash? Soft, clean and clear skin with a glow.

The muslin cloth? Beautifully smooth on the skin. It glides on and off the skin like a glove.

Should you purchase? Probably.

No – wait, what am I saying? YES! Yes, of course you should. Especially if you’re prone to acne or breakouts (and if your skin is mostly oily)!


Maybelline: Master Kajal

I just realised that I haven’t blogged about my most favourite eyeliner in the history of eyeliners! (which I’m sure dates back to the ancient Egyptian era, #Khol).

Listen, I’m going to say this once and only once – I cannot, for the life of me, use liquid or pencil liners. Me and liquid liners? Enemies. It’s just never going to happen. Same with pencil.

But, give me a khol one, and I’m fine. Weird, huh?

I think I like thicker crayon-style eyeliners better than the thin pencil/liquid ones because there’s more precision (for me, anyway).

Maybelline‘s ‘Master Kajal‘ is without a doubt the best one I’ve ever used. It really reminds me of one I used when I was in secondary school – it was a Moroccan brand, I believe… But, this one is ACER (not the computer)! I perfer Maybelline’s one to the one I used to wear because the old one smudged easily. This one, on the other hand, holds up pretty well!

Also, when my eyes water – in the windy or cold temperatures – I don’t cry black tears. Magic!

I love the flicks it does, I love how it lines my lids and my waterline… I also love how I can use it to corner the outer of my lids, giving more of a cat-eye effect.

In terms of shades, I understand there’s choice of a Pitch Black and a Lapis Blue. I picked up ‘Pitch Black’ because I have relatively dark eyebrows and lashes – once three or four coats of mascara have been applied, anyway. (I also had no MOFO idea there was a blue one in the first place!). If I had known… BOY! I would’ve bought them all! Alas, it must’ve been sold out when I went to pick one. 😭 #BlueIsMyFavouriteColour #ShowMeSomeoneWhoDoesntLikeTheColourBlue #IllShowYouColourblindness

So, yeah, to conclude before actually concluding, Maybelline’s Master Kajal is a must-have if you like khol liners or crayon-style liners.

5* liner. I was originally going to give it a 4.5*, but, after receiving compliments about it, I’ve decided to give it a 5!

The only reason I was going to give it 4.5* was because: if you lose the lid, it gets everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) (and it picks up bacteria which isn’t safe if you’re applying on the waterline).