If you wanted to eat Lush‘s Cupcake (and couldn’t because you shouldn’t),  you’re definitely also going to want to eat Lush’s Salted Coconut. Okay, maybe not though because I don’t know how salt consumption affects you… If you’re anything like me – which at this point (if you’re not) that’s probably a blessing –  your body and face will inflate faster than Usain Bolt can win at the Olympics.

Superbly soft skin and scrubbing go hand in hand. This creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator is the perfect way to keep your paws in tiptop condition. Apply a generous dollop to wet hands and scrub all over or use when your hands are dry for a rougher cleanse. Sea salt is a wonderful natural exfoliant, packed full of restorative minerals to cleanse and treat the skin, whilst coconut oil deeply hydrates without making your hands sticky. Those who love the sweet smell of the outdoors will love to get stuck into this scrub – fragranced with the smell of sweet gorse.

I didn’t think I needed a hand scrub. I still don’t think I do… I get complimented for having soft hands. No, really! It’s not like I go asking people to touch up my hands for clarification, but… I have been told that I have soft hands – after a handshake! So, now that we’ve all established what my best feature is, I’ve got to keep them in tip-top condition… Hence why I purchased this bad boy!

Salted Coconut smells like a Bounty, has the consistency of Lush’s Ocean Salt and feels like it too, once washed off or absorbed in. The only difference is, it doesn’t sting like Lush’s Ocean Salt does because OS has lime juice in it.

As I touched upon above (spontaneous use of a pun), you can either wash it off or allow it to soak into your hands. I do the latter. It is pretty moisturising so it could, in essance, also be used as a hand cream…

Once people have stopped stroking my hands and telling me how soft they are, Lushies are informing me that if you’ve dry or rough hands, you’ll need a separate moisturiser. So, my advice is: pick one up along with this just in case.

They weren’t lying when they gave it the: “take your hands to paradise” slogan… #PhilCollinsWouldBeJealous


Lush Cupcake is the next best since indulging in a Lola’s or Hummingbird Bakery’s cake in a cup…

Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

What is Lush’s Cupcake made of? Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Mint and Rhassoul Mud. It’s basically (also nothing basic about it) like a mint-chocolate scrub-mask. So, if you’re a fan on Mint-chocolate chip ice cream (but want to abstain from eating it and would like to lather it on your face instead), you’ll have struck gold with this one!

Like most of Lush’s masks, this one is a gentle exfoliator which helps to give your skin the deep-cleanse that it needs. It’s especially good if you’re leading a city life, commuting in and around polluted areas. “Cleanse and clarify with this chocolate(y) treatment”. That’s what Lush describes it as…

Also, like its brothers and sisters, Lush’s Cupcake is a fresh face-mask (thus should be kept in the fridge). This means you’ll need to finish it in a month, before the ingredients’ sell-by and use-by dates expire.

If, in the unlikely event that you forget to finish it in time, I believe they’ll still be safe to use on your body; just don’t risk it on your face. You could also *not* try eating it. It’s got cocoa powder in it, so how bad can it be? (Don’t!)

Try it (on your face and/or body) and tell me whether or not you feel as though it’s “BANG TIDY” (in the words of Keith Lemon, who, if he won’t “see you through the week”, he’ll “see you through t’ window”).

Should I do yet ANOTHER Lush post, tonight? Yes, yes I should. Seven posts and counting… I’m not even done yet! So, don’t ever say I don’t spoil you. I do. I spoil you, like milk. Spoilt milk. (just not the bad kind, as there is always a good kind).


Another minute, another blog post… I promised you a night dedicated to male grooming, so this is what you’re going to get!

Kalamazoo. Gentlemen, have you ever washed your beard and face and thought: “I know what I can do with right now… A bottle of Yazoo!” Well, I think this was the inspiration behind the name.

Keep things bright and bushy with this creamy wash for furry faces. Fresh pineapple juice is full of enzymes to cleanse the skin and zap away dirt, whilst almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter will leave your beard soft and strokeable. Simply scoop some out of the pot and massage onto your beard and face, rinse off and pat dry.

Kalamazoo has nothing to do with animals, don’t worry. It’s not named after a zoo in “Kalama”. All it is, boys, is a face-wash.  #NoBiggie unless your last name is Smalls, then… Yeah, #BiggieSmalls.

Your face-bush is going to look lovely after this… Why cut it when you can wash it? Think of the hard work your follicles have put in, lads! Hairs don’t grow on trees, you know… They grow on faces, bodies and heads! Give them (your beard and hair follicles) some lovely VIP treatment. They deserve that!

Kalamazoo gets rid of dirt, impurities, and grease (not limescale because it’s not ‘Cillit Bang’, although, the dirt IS “gone” after using this).

How do you use it? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not rocket science, so Neil Armstrong’s been given the night off and allowed me to explain it to you… You start by digging your finger tips in, as applying a generous amount all over your face and beard then rinse off. Boom. You’re a new man!

Kalamazoo and the band that released Agadoo have a lot in common… They’re partial to the odd pineapple. Yeah, go on, shake your beard (instead of tree), you know you want to! 😉


I’ve covered some Lush cosmetics products for women, but I’m conscious that I haven’t posted any for Men.

This post is dedicated to the lovely gentlemen who want to try something new, something different and are interested in what Lush has to offer. This is my first post of the night, but not my last, so keep watch for more Men’s related posts, this evening.

Lush’s Cosmetic Lad is a moisturiser to be applied after shaving. It helps calm the skin, preventing any lumps and bumps from forming. It also soothes the skin, protects against redness, heals shaving cuts, and reduces skin sensitivity.

This moisturiser is ideal for calming razor-sore skin with its aloe vera and lavender honey water. Honey is an antiseptic, while aloe vera and lavender water soothe the skin. They are ably assisted by the lovely (African) Marigold, which has anti-redness powers. We’ve added fresh wheatgrass juice, which contains an antioxidant to shield the skin from damage. Tangerine and sandalwood essential oils give it a deep and refreshing scent.

The natural ingredients used means that it not only softens the skin, soothes it, and replenishes it, but it also moisturises it too (without looking greasy).

Aloe-Vera, it’s me… I’ve been wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet? Yes, that’s right, Aloe-Vera makes an appearance in this cream, along with wheatgrass, marigold, honey and lavender water. Tangerine (not the one across the Pond) as well as Sandalwood essential oils (not sandals made of wood) are added into the mix to further add to its gloriousness.

A little FYI: although it’s called “Cosmetic Lad”, and it’s specifically targeted at men and shaved skin, ladies can use it too. Especially those who do laser hair removal and/or suffer from excessive hair-growth brought on by PCOS (Polycystic Overies Syndrome). You could also shave your legs with it.

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Organic, organisms, organ-playing, organ-functioning, whatever it is – everyone loves a good word beginning with “organ”. #Organutan (#DavidAttenborough #LoveIt #IKnowItsSpelledOrangutanButYOLO).

Naturtint is a haircare brand that’s more than just organic. They’re one of the very rare brands who use real plants to form their hair dye colours. Although some form of chemicals have gone into its manufacturing process, it doesn’t include nowhere near as much as ones you’ll find on the high-street!

Naturtint is committed to delivering naturally better hair colourants and has been at the forefront of reducing the amount of chemicals in hair colourants for the last 20 years.

Naturtint’s pioneering newformula is now ‘naturally better’ and enriched with even more natural ingredients to actively and gently care for the health of both your hair and scalp, whilst delivering the best cosmetic results.

I love Naturtint because of its no ammonia content and the shine that it left on my hair. My hair looked luxurious, shiny and less homeless after I’d dye it using Naturtint. I actually felt like I wanted to celebrate my luscious  rich-coloured locks by taking a brush to them!

You know a hair product has won in life when it makes ME of all people want to brush my hair afterwards…

Before discovering Matrix (not the film!), I used to swear by Naturtint because, as I mentioned above, the shine that it gave my hair was unreal! In the words of Joey Essex: “#NAUGHTY!”

The only thing I didn’t like about Naturtint was that the colour didn’t last long… It started fading too soon and my hair lost its healthy look and feel not long after, also. I don’t know if its no-ammonia content is to blame, but my hair did also start to feel dry again after week two.

Look, I don’t want to say that Naturtint itself caused my hair to feel dry because bleach did that. Bleach ruined my hair. I also don’t know if my damaged hair was the cause of why Naturtint’s results (in colour and shine) didn’t last longer than a couple of weeks. So, I don’t want you to take these to heart, and I don’t want it to stop you from trying them if you wanted to.

All in all, aside from the fact that there was no longevity in it for me, I’m sure it’ll be different for you! They’re natural, organic, a very good brand, and have an array of lovely shades to choose from. I love Naturtint and I’d still use it again and again.

You can get yours online or in store at Holland & Barrett, #TheGoodLife.