‪I still can’t get over how long it took me to be seen by my GP (even though I had a pre-booked appointment), combined with the waiting time at the hospital (which was running TWO HOURS behind schedule), yesterday.

The whole process took FOUR hours, but could’ve been done in two. The NHS is doing its best all things considered, but there’s no denying it deserves better.

How will you be voting next month?

Remember: the NHS is currently understaffed, undervalued and underfunded. It’s going further and further downhill. Our health, and the health of our nearest and dearest’s relies on it. The emergency services, hospital and care staff deserve better.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, I don’t have it in me. But, I’m just trying to make you better aware (from a personal experience) that the NHS is on its last legs. Something’s gotta give! Do the right thing.