Failure is trying. At some point in your life, you tried to better yourself, tried to level up, tried to prove a point… But, you failed. Except, plot twist: you didn’t. You tried.

Failure is a sign of trying. Failure is saying: “I tried, but it wasn’t the right time, the right place or the right person to try with.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, they ALL tried. They all failed, but continued to push and here they are relishing in their success. If they’d given up or stopped trying, would we have Facebook, Apple or Amazon? And, did they actually “fail”? No. They didn’t, not when you think of it in the grand scheme of things.

Coming across a few things (or ways) that don’t work isn’t failure… Least of all when you finally crack it and get to the destination.

You should not be scared of ‘failure’. You should be scared of not trying. You should be scared of not speaking up on something you feel strongly about… You should be scared of not trying to better yourself… You should be scared of not trying to level up, not failing when you try.

Regrets are a sign that I didn’t try. I’d much rather have a long list of failures in life than a long list of regrets. “What If?”, that could never be me. Looking back when I’m 70 at a life where I tried and I failed at stuff? Fine. Because, I’ve got scars both physically and emotionally to prove that. That is a life fulfilled. When I look at my grandkids at that age, I’d tell them the same. I’d instil in them that they have to “try” even if they fail for a while because ‘regrets’ are for losers. ‘Failure’ is cool.

100% of things that failed ended up leading to wins. So, what the fuck is there to be scared of?

It’s Halloween season, go find something actually scary like a ghost or some paranormal activity… Not ‘failure’.

Here’s to failing as many more times as needbe before I get it so right that no-one can deny it’s right. 🥂