deep sleep

We all deserve a deep sleep.

Wide-eyed and struggling to switch off? This soporific decoction will help you doze off. Lavender and German chamomile flowers are wrapped in biodegradable muslin, infusing in the warm water to create a hypnotic blend. As lavender balances, neroli alleviates worries, clearing your mind until you begin to…Zzzz

Right. I don’t sleep. I haven’t slept since October 8 1991, the day before my mum gave me the push I needed – birthingly.

But, I’ve been noticing my anxiety getting out of control recently, and bought this to calm me down, as I heard it’s very relaxing.

I’ve started a new Sunday Ritual whereby I pop a Lush bathbomb in my tub and apply a Lush face-mask to unwind before the new week, and this has to be my favourite instalment of it so far. It’s definitely blog-worthy, for its ability to relax my anxiety alone.

Look, I can’t say it’s helped me sleep, only because – as I’ve said – I’m awful at it (and I bathed earlier than my usual bedtime). I’m wired to American time, even though I live in England and it’s been this way since my previous job, and frequently travelling there for holidays since.

(It also doesn’t help that I’m iller than Illinois right now. The MF’n illest! ‘Mansour flu’ be BADT & BOUJEEEEE 🤟)

I’m kinda like New York, in that I never sleep… But, I’m sure it helps even the most insomniac. Also, the time I used it didn’t help either – I’m sure you’ll agree 5pm is not a time for bed!

Having said that, I have been in and out of naps all weekend. I’ve only got up for water – to drink or bathe (not at the same time or in the same sitting, obvs).

However, I can confirm that the deep purple water I bathed in (which this bathbomb emitted) chilled me out massively, and my anxiety is a lot more manageable.

What face-mask did I use? Brazend Honey. It’s my absolute favourite, aside from Prince of Darkness.

Lavender is the greatest, and there are loads of pure and very real lavender cuttings inside.

I just love everything about this bathbomb, it’s so unique and beautiful. It smells amazing too.

Top Tip: After it finished infusing the bath water (before I dipped in), I took the bathbomb out and squeezed the excess water and placed the cloth/bag over my eyes as a pillow. It worked wonders and smelt like a field of lavender.