Day and night makeup… We all have different looks to suit both. But, I wanted to quickly share mine with you. I don’t even think there’s much difference for me…



This is vital. I use Avant Pro Collagen. My makeup applies really smoothly and lasts ages too. I know it’s weird, but I’ve noticed it also transfers less during the day since using this.


The Ordinary full-coverage foundation is my go-to during the day. If I have spots, which is currently (and at least once a month, every month due to PMS), I apply this on top and nothing else. These days, I can’t be bothered to contour and highlight for daywear. In fact, I don’t even foundation most of the time – only when I need to.

TIP: don’t use brushes. I know most suggest to, but it’s unhygienic after a while. You need to regularly clean it. I ain’t got time. Instead, tap it onto your skin (use your hands after washing). If you’ve applied a primer prior, it should go on smoothly and stay in place.


As I said, I’ve got into a habit of no longer applying bronzer and highlighter. But, the one that I would use is Rockateur by Benefit. I did used to wear Hoola, but this is highlighter, blusher and bronzer in one for me.



Here’s where nightwear (make-up) comes in… If you only apply the above, it pretty much covers day makeup, but a bold lip colour on top quickly transforms it into nightwear makeup. My all time favourites are liquid lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics. However, for a bolder and more vibrant colour, I choose Red Carpet Red by Charlotte Tilbury.


So, you’ve finished work – where you’ve had day-wear makeup on but are heading out after… Take your eyeshadow pallet along. This is another way around transforming your daywear makeup (above) to nightwear, make your eyelids POP. I’d go for a smoky eye or a subtle shimmery gold. Becca’s is good for that.

Mascara & False Lashes

Mascara wise, it will never not be MaxFactor’s Masterpiece Max. It’s the one I always end up going back to. And, you know what they say about that…

I have never (and will never wear fake lashes or even curl my lashes). I’ve found an app that adds them to an already-taken selfie, YouCam Makeup. But, I don’t wear them – at all. (I’ve also deleted the app because embracing the way I look, and not editing my selfies is better for my mental health).

It’s not every day we go out after work… Sometimes, we want to go out on the weekend and apply our makeup just before we head out… In this case, it’s better to apply stuff that lasts through the night and offers better coverage… Well, here goes!


Same as daytime. This shouldn’t change. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is my mantra RE primer. That’s also due to the fact that my skin is quite acne prone, so if this seems to agree with my skin, result!


I turn to Laura Mercier at night. LAURA! This is my favourite foundation! It’s oil-free and like liquid gold.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Pallet. This sculpts my face differently. I get the chiseled jaw look every time. I use the cream version for better definition, but powder works just as well.

Setting Powder:

I set both day and night makeups with the same thing… Wunder2 Selfie Powder. This is great for blotting it all in place.

Setting Spray:

I finish all looks (day & night) with MAC Prep & Prime Rose Water. It gives my skin that glow and locks the makeup mastery in place.

To conclude, you can easily turn day makeup into night makeup with quick application of eyeshadow and lipstick (if you go bare lipped and eyed throughout the day). Better still, do what I do and just don’t wear makeup all day until it’s time? Then you can use the better coverage stuff and you can skip the whole re-apply and/or top-up process.