When anxiety or depression looms, I look to the Moon – my bear of comfort. It’s so weird, but just one look at this fella calms me down!

Fun fact: pills don’t actually work for me. I’ve tried anti-depressants, but they seem to do more harm for me than good.

If you know they work for you, take them in conjunction with attending counselling. Treat it right.

On anti-depressant tablets, I literally feel like a shell of myself. They seem to wipe out even the happiest emotions along with the vigour I have for doing my day-to-day activities. So, I’ve had to find alternative ways of coping with anxiety/depression, without making other parts of me worse… Enter: Moon!

This teddy bear is one of the very few purchases that sticks in my memory. I remember everything about the day I got him.

The story of Moon

I got him from Superdrug, in Swiss Cottage. After I got him, I took the bus home to drop him (and the rest of my shopping) off, before continuing to Uni.

Looking back, he was a free gift from Superdrug after buying a gift-set. Which, incidentally, is probably why I have fond memories of ‘buying him’, because I didn’t actually have to… It all makes sense now! He was a freebie, and we never forget a freebie… They’re literally priceless!

The USPs that Moon has to offer

He’s soft, cuddly and cute. Even after all these years, he’s maintained his softness enough for me to dub him ‘His Royal Softness’, reigning Supreme for years and long may that continue.

He’s also rose-gold in colour which is unique AF!

I’ve never really been much of a teddies collector or keeper in any case, but this one actually helps me with my anxiety, it’s strange even for me.

As I said, I feel relaxed when I look at him – it’s as if I’m holding one of my healing crystal. He’s just comforting.

What do I love about Moon (apart from the fact that he’s comforting)?

He never misplaces himself when I’m in a bad mood or having a panic attack…

If I was next-level unhinged, I’d be inclined to believe that ‘Toy Story’ is real and our toys come to life when we’re not looking, and that he moves to be within my eyeline when I feel myself getting close to a breakdown.

I lose everything, but I’ll never lose Moon. I hope he becomes a family heirloom that goes down from generations of my family. I hope he gives all his future owners as much comfort as he seems to give me.

If you think this post is weird, Molly-Mae off of #LoveIsland has a stuffed toy she sleeps with… Hers smells like armpits, apparently. Mine doesn’t.

I would like to know what unconventional things seem to cure your bouts of depression/anxiety, even if for a second.

Do you have something that calms you down but others think is weird? If so, comment below. It’d be really interesting for me to find out what others rely on.

Message: don’t be ashamed of the unconventional things that make you feel better. Without them, we’d be emotional wrecks.