crystal fancrystal fan

Guys. This weather’s been a bit more than Global Warming, hasn’t it? Crystal fan.

I mean, on Thursday, I thought we were dealing with a case of National Incineration, not even Global Warming – with temperatures reaching a stratospheric 39 Celsius, 102 Fahrenheit.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you too survived this heatwave. Yay!

Better to be far from each other and still living, than far from each other and dead, is the saying. ❤️

Back to the electric fan, I bought it from Amazon, it costs £18.99.

I’m so lucky it exists because it keeps me cool and makes me look like one of those clever people on the trains.

I used to see people fanning themselves with compact and portable fans every day on #TfL as I sat (one day a year) and/or stood (the rest of the days a year) there roasting between people’s sweaty armpits.

So, things had to change… I bought one and turns out, mine’s philosophical too! Beat that, fellow commuters!

The Crystal Fan has three speeds: slow breeze, medium breeze, and a fast breeze. I’m extreme, so I love the fast breeze.

Note: it has an internal battery, so you’ll need to connect it to a USB port to power it up once the battery empties.

Final thoughts? It does the job, it gets a thumbs up from ‘mii!

If you’d like one for yourself – they come in a range of colours, click here.