Today, London experienced the hottest day of the year so far… Temperatures soared, reaching a whopping 39 degrees Celsius in parts! Which, if you think about it, is long awaited (if you ask literally anyone in the UK).

All the rain that has fallen in recent weeks was a far cry from the previous year’s scorcher. But, luckily, Mother Nature’s making up for it now… That’s all that matters, right?

This post aims to help you conjure up some ideas for things to do in the sun, next time it puts its hat on and shows its face! ☀️

Barbie Queue

Standard. If you have a garden, invite your friends and gather your family for a great summer get-together. Oh, and I have a few playlist suggestions to get you in the mood.


Beach, each. Let’s go get away! 🎵

You’ll be surprised at how many beaches there are, not far away from London…


I’d describe Margate (in Essex) as the place where Hannah Montana would’ve been set if she was English and lived here. It’s just got that kind of vibe, in my opinion.


My favourite. Sand and great views. It’s hard to believe you’re still in England…

No, this beach isn’t close to London, but it’s worth a 2-hour trip.


A Rocky (Balboa) beach. Cockles in-between your toes, swag. It’s just one hour away by train.

Also, the pier is to live for, tho!


Sun, sea and sand (in Essex). What’s not to love?


Let’s venture even further out from London… Head down to the coast in Cornwall. It makes for a great staycation.

Did I mention that there are five beaches there to choose from?

Attend a Festival

I mean, Glastonbury’s just gone but there are a list of festivals that have yet to commence. Try to get last-minute tickets to one of those, and have a great time!

Attend an Event

If festivals aren’t your thing, the UK prides itself on being a diverse place that has something for everyone. Check out this list of things to do!


Book a hotel in a part of the UK you’ve never been before.

Travel – but without the hassle of boarding flights.

I recommend Devon or Dorset.


Whether you’re into theme parks or nature parks, get yourself into a park.

Holland Park

AmsterDAMN! You don’t need to get a plane for this…

Primrose Hill

The view of London. My favourite. I love nothing more than going here on a Saturday morning.

Hampstead Heath

Perfection. You can even swim in these ponds.

Kew Gardens

Flowers to the left of me, trees to the right, here I am… Stuck in the middle of Kew! 🎵

The obvious choices would be Hyde, St James or Regent’s Park, right? Wrong.


Need I say more? London Zoo. Animals. Giraffes. Thanks. Please. Sorry.

(Other zoos are available)


Longleat Safari Park has been voted the best Safari Park in the UK. Obviously, it’s no ‘Lion King’, or Kenya, but… Longleat. It’s worth the trek.

Top Tips: for surviving the summer:

1) Sunscreen – wear it. If you’re lazy, just spray it on. No excuses.

2) Stay hydrated – goes without saying, this one. Water in your system, swag. Bottled!

3) Antihistamines – take them to avoid the worsening of pollen allergies. FOMO sucks.

5) Be sun smart – don’t spend too much time in it. You could end up suffering from heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

6) Wear your sunglasses – protect your eyes from the UV rays when outdoors.

7) Stay in the shade – it’ll cool you and your pets down.

8) Buy a fan or air conditioner – y’all know I love a Dyson… Well, they don’t just stock hoovers! Cue: AC!

My house is the place to be, because: vacuumed floors and air-con. Cool!

Best part/s about the Dyson AC:

A) it doesn’t have a tube that you need to stick out of the window to drain the water out.

2) it doubles up as a heater, meaning it’s got you covered in the winter months too. #WINNING