Yes, Summer is all about festivals and parties, but they are all about the playlists!

Whether you’re by the pool, or in a park, here are some Summer playlists to get you in the mood.

Oh, and before we start- happy belated Summer Solstice!

Spotify’s Summer Playlist 2019

This is packed with all of the hottest tracks of 2019 and the summer so far. It’s sure to turn any Summer party into a crowd pleaser, if your attendees are mainstream music listeners.

Summer Throwbacks

Here’s one for me. All the best Summer tracks, thrown back like a boomerang. I absolutely love the nostalgic vibes of this playlist.

Summer BBQ

This playlist is my favourite of the three. It includes some of my favourite tracks, basically – I will invite myself to any event that plays this.

What’s the best playlist that can be listened to in Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter, needing to be celebrated all year round?

I don’t think it’s on Spotify yet but… Here.

Motown is unarguably the best genre of music, ever.

To conclude, no ‘Summer Playlists’ post would be complete without…

What’s my go-to Summer anthem that’s my all-time favourite?

This and/or this. Can’t choose, sorry.