We spend a lot of time at work. In fact, we spend more time at work than we do at home. So, how do we use our workspace (desks or offices) to make a statement?


If like me, you’re a green thumb, you’ll love the idea of having some indoor plants. I used to work in a place that had an office dog, so – office plants are the next best thing. They’re so easy to maintain, unlike a dog.

I have a cactus called Santa and an aloe-vera plant called Sebastian on my desk. They’re our office pets. We absolutely love them.

According to science, plants actually boost our productivity. They’re not just great for keeping the air fresher, they’ll motivate us too. Winning.


I love art. When I was in San Francisco, I bought some really cool abstract arts and will be sticking them on the wall next to my desk, now that I’ve been reunited with them.

I thought I lost them, turns out, they were hiding in my mum’s room for a while. She found them and gave them to me, and I’ve been forgetting to hang them up since.

Hanging up artwork also boosts productivity. I’m so productive just thinking about it!


My first trip with my current job was to Dubai. I bought a small, purple magic lamp from there. It’s a reminder of the trip, and it’s such a beautiful keepsake/souvenir.

Purple is a calming colour, so if you feel like the pressure of your workload is piling, just stare at or have something purple to look at.


I know this sounds silly, but if you want to make a statement, get stationary that matches your personality. I have a notepad with FRIENDS quotes plastered across it. Each page has quirky phrases from the show, I absolutely love it.

Also, Amethyst is my favourite stone, so I have an Amethyst pen. (I also have a pen I bought from New York).

Post-it notes: I’m a girl who loves post-its. So, I have them in a range of colours. I have two screens, one is my laptop screen and the other is used to hang post-it notes of motivation and to-do lists (I colour code my tasks from important to less important based on timeframe). It’s so satisfying to take one off and scrunch it up once I’ve done a task.

At uni, I LIVED on lists. I’d reward myself with binge-watching a series or playing Sims after I completed a coursework/assignment.

Family photographs

Sticking photos up of your loved ones is amazing. If you have a family, are a parent, just stick photos up of your kids. It’s a lovely, personal touch to your workspace. It also opens up for a conversation. People are drawn to family photographs. They’ll always ask, and this is a great ice breaker.

I also have a BeWater Rose Quartz refillable water bottle on my desk too for the aesthetic.

The key is to make your desk your own.

TOP TIP: de-cluttering your desk, de-clutters your mind.

It’s like your room and/or your bed, if they’re messy, your mind will be too.

Oh, and ANOTHER TOP TIP: keep tissues and flash surface wipes in your workspace – wiping them down 5 minutes before you leave each day/week. It really makes a difference. If you’re asthmatic or have a dust allergy, this helps to clear dust from your space.