what is in your bag?

Guys always want to know what’s in a girl’s bag, well – I’m here to help!

Carex – Hand Sanitiser

I actually cannot go anywhere without anti-bacterial gel. There’s so much pollution and germs around that it’s impossible to go anywhere without it. If you want to know the exact one I carry, it’s Carex’s 2-in-1 moisturising hand gel.


I’ve not been getting much use out of them recently because of the rain, but they were worn today! I have my Ray Ban Evolve, the ones I cannot see without. They’re photochromic too – which means you can wear them indoors as well as outdoors.


Yep. Best book ever written. Read it to and from work.


Because: this is England, London. Rhianna not included, although – she does live in Brixton (London) now, so maybe.


Perfume is a must. I choose to carry Charlotte Tilbury’s A Scent of a Dream. I love how strong the scent is without being overpowering. I’ve received a lot of compliments about it, but I’m not sure if that’s because people think I used to stink.


These days my nostrils have been misbehaving due to hayfever, so I need a mirror on standby.


It’s only taken me 27 years to begin carrying this around… Yes, it has flamingos on it. They’re my fave birds after Doves, Pigeons, Robins, Cockatiels and Magpies.


The purse to match my bag. Always.

Other stuff I carry: lip balmcrystals (depending on my mood) and Neroli face mist. Oh, can’t forget my iPhone and wireless earphone chargers. The best portable charger/power bank comes courtesy of FEITUN. Lastly, I always, always carry M&S Champagne Truffles.