Pier Auge

First of all, neroli. Second of all, neroli. Third of also neroli.

Do you understand how good spraying your face with orange blossom water actually is??? If you don’t, try it and find out.

Ne-ro-ro-ro my face gently with this mist, (merri)li (merri)li (merri)li my face is hydrated and smells like a dream! 🎵

I got it (in a bag with various of other Pier Auge samples) as a freebie on the plane (but this was the one that made it onto my blog).

I’ve been spraying it every day whilst on holiday as it really hydrates and leaves my skin glowing. But, I need to spray sparingly as I’m currently on rations!

I’ve been trying to find it online to no avail. However, next time I’m in France, I’m tracking it down like Ash does Pokémon!

In the meantime though, I’ll have a look for it in London too. Saying that, I’ve gone as far as checking Pier Auge’s website and even they don’t seem to have it.

Therefore, is this a miraculous product that only I’ve got my hands on? Probably and/or definitely.

Pier Auge, if you’re reading this, stock up on your Orange Blossom face mists, please. I’d like to buy 91091369 of them. Thanks.