Autumn is very much on its way and I cannot cope. I’m going to be 27. It feels like just yesterday that I was trying to jujitsu my way out of my mum’s womb…

So, do I have anything special planned for my 27th? Watching Aladdin with my besties and crying into my pillow at the sorry state that is my life – not Florida.

I’ll also be prepping to spend Christmas someplace else.

What does Autumn mean to me? Crisp leaves, beautiful trees… A dressing gown, wearing soft and fluffy socks around the house [instead of slippers] and boiling water infused with mint leaves, pretending it’s “pumpkin spice latte”.

Do I have any ideas on how I’ll be spending Halloween? I had a Wonder Woman costume in my wardrobe [which I was going to wear when I take the kids in the neighbourhood] that has somehow done a disappearing act… So, Halloween is now cancelled. I’ll just do what I’ve done every other year: watch Thriller by MJ and reenact it in my bedroom.

Oh, and I’d probably like to carve my own name into a pumpkin.