Blog or YouTube? Telegram.

iPhone or camera? Laptop.

Favourite film? Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Favourite book? Face.
Favourite song? The Terminal ft. Tom Hanks. Great song.

Favourite band? Laurel & Hardy.

Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? Paragliding in the South Specific.
Partner or single? Pringle. Also, ‘debatable’ has date in it. Dates are my favourite of all dried fruits.

Siblings? Brother.

What city are you currently living in? London.

Celebrity girl crush? Vanessa Hudge or Kate Mids.

Celebrity boy crush? What’s that? Lol.

Pets? My neighbour’s cats practically live at my house. So, yeah. Cats.

Top five Instagram accounts to follow? My Twitter. My mum’s Twitter. My brother’s Twitter. My best friend’s Twitter. My MySpace.

How do you gain more followers? Dunno. I know how to lose them, though?

What is my hair care routine? Basically, I have a shower. That’s it.