If there is a single quality we all share, that is our striving to be happy. Everything we do in life, from putting on your favorite song, making pancakes, to finding “the one” for you, it all boils down to finding our true purpose and our happiness spring. However, there are certain behaviors that promote that
wonderful feeling of bliss, and exercise is one of the most powerful fuels for all-encompassing joy in life.

Still, the world has two very distinct types of people: those who always seem perky and happy after their workout, and those who find the previous gang exceptionally annoying. If, by chance, you belong to the second tribe, perhaps this brief post will convince you to give the idea of fitness consistency another chance!

A natural stress-reliever
Whether it’s a stressful occupation, or you’re simply going through a rough time in life, you need a healthy way to work around all that negative energy and vent whenever possible. Although we’d all love for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to be the way out, these delicious treats are only a temporary feel-good option.

On the other hand, working out is such a powerful tool for warding off the negativity that it can help treat and minimize the symptoms of anxiety and depression. By reducing exhaustion, and boosting your mental capacity, exercise is a mighty way to help you stay on the right track.

Happy hormones
As a response to exercising, your brain floods your body with happy chemicals, including endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin, which are responsible for our feelings of happiness and serenity. So, when you feel down in the dumps, head for the treadmill, dance to your favorite tunes, lift some weights, just
stay active, and your body will do the rest!

Funometer in full-speed
Distraction is often the perfect ingredient for fending off negativity, and what a better way to keep your mind and body occupied than a little bit of physical activity? If you find your typical gym routine dull, then it’s time to swap it for something more fun, like riding your mini cruiser down the street,
rollerblading in the park, or learning a new dance. When you finally tackle a new skill, you’ll feel invigorated and eager to exercise even more!

Boosts self-confidence
When you’re able to overcome your current limits and see yourself push through challenges when you  work out, it’s natural that your confidence will bloom! After all, it’s not just a great physique that defines how we perceive ourselves, but a general feeling of accomplishment and growth. Running a marathon or taking part in a pole dance competition can give you precisely that feeling, because you let yourself evolve so much that you leave your comfort zone every day.

Fewer sick days
Keeping your cardiovascular system happy and your muscles and bones strong makes for a perfect foundation to stay healthy throughout the year. You’ll be able to flush out toxins better, and your body produces more antibodies that keep you disease-safe. Mild to moderate types of exercise such as
jogging, walking, yoga, and swimming are the best medicine for the flu season, so keep those running shoes and your warm winter gear nearby!

More beauty sleep
Although exercise gives you an energy boost for the day, it also helps balance your circadian rhythm by regulating your body temperature. In simple terms, you’ll fall asleep in a matter of minutes, and you’ll enjoy a full night of uninterrupted shut-eye thanks to your daily workout routine. Sleeping well also translates to more energy during the day, better collagen production (which means less wrinkles,ladies!), and becoming more resilient to stress triggers in your life!

Better mood
Too much stress, living in a crowded, noisy city, and spending time with negative people can all bring us down even on the calmest of days. But when you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people such as the gang attending the same Zumba class as you are, you’re bound to start smiling soon enough. Socializing combined with pushing your heart rate up and flooding your body with those happy hormones all work together to lift your spirits and help you relax.

Simply put, working out consistently makes for the best long-term happiness strategy you could possibly wish for – just pick your sport, change your routine every once in a while, keep it challenging, and enjoy your newly-found Hakuna Matata!

Guest post by: Samantha Olivier