You knew it was coming! If you’ve got me on Twitter, in which case, God help you and us all… You’ll know that I have been going on about Benefit’s Cheek Parade for a few days now…

I ordered it, it arrived and I unboxed it like Floyd Mayweather, ring size. Wait – did I say “size”?! Whoops! 🙊 I meant “SIDE”! Easy mistake… Am I right?!

So, anyway, back to Cheek Parade… All I can say is you’ll BENEFIT from it, trust me! I mean, it’s no set of DONUT lights, but it’s close!

Cheek parade is a festive, cheeky looking palette that screams “SMEAR ME ACROSS ALL FOUR OF YOUR CHEEKS!” By four, I mean my two and bae’s two. What’s mine is ours and what’s his is, THEIRS – probably.

Now for the serious stuff…  You look three mighties FINE! If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineORANGE (and that’s just the palette)…

Back to bae, usually, he’d cost you £122, but Benefit are selling him for £49.99. You get five product sized blushes, highlighters and bronzers in total and all of them look like “HALLELUJAH!” in the face, structure and skeletal (cheek – and the rest) bones.

Names of the five powders: Rockateaur –  which if you’ve ever woke up with foreign accent syndrome… SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD! Hoola – which, let’s not beat around 578 mulberry bushes, they’re just legit what HAWAII would look like. Dandillion, which: on other people would look fab… But, on me it’d look washed out and like I just completed a year long expedition in Antarctica; trying to save the MOLAR BEARS.

The Hoola Lite – which looks like if someone shined a TORCH on your facial region – #SEXY … and lastly, Galifornia, which – your best bet is to ask Katy Perry & Snoop Dog/Lion/Goat about that because they sung a song about its girls once. Still, the shades on that one (and the rest) is: 😍.

One thing to note, the palette is refillable [I’m assuming] because the powders are detachable. Did mine love to jump out and caress my floor? Yes, sir/miss! Like powders, like brush… That one (too) was trying out for long jump at every opportunity; which leads us nicely onto the mirror… Mine had more product on it than inside the actual palette.

All in all, it was a good buy. I think it’s a bargain. The colours, the beauty, the price, it’s all a win:win situation. In my opinion, Cheek Parade is well worth investing in, if you’re into blushers/highlighters and bronzers… Urban Decay’s NAKED 3 eyeshadow palette is the cheek equivalent to this… I primrose.

Right, thanks for reading!

If no one’s told you today, you amount to approximately 3 BILLIUN blessings, all of which are ‘hearts for eyes’ emojis (and Godly ones, observationally).