The title of this post has to be the most original title I’ve ever come up with… Seriously. I mean, I just literally purchased a shamballa from Amazon and I already cannot wait to wear it and/or for it to arrive.

I don’t do fashion posts anyway, so this is as good as you’re going to get… Enjoy. Green is the best colour (when blue is not available). No, if I’m being honest, blue ain’t got a patch on green. Green is bae.

When I saw this shamballa on Amazon, priced at £8.99- at that very moment, my bank balance experienced a -£8.99 (as if by magic). That, right there, is finance, online shopping and spending… If you pay tax & VAT, you’re doing it right. It is in your best INTEREST to rise in inflation.

Can I write 300 words about green shamballas? Yes. I’ve written about 150 already… You get the picture. If you don’t get it, it’s up there – above the text.

“Why do I love this shamballa?” I don’t know, are you lacking in common sense, taste and eyesight? Probably, or else you wouldn’t be asking such as silly question.

Green is the colour of my tattoo, bae’s eyes – very beautiful eyes, just ask Ultrabeat – and the grass, trees and other versions of botanical. Is this why I love botanicals? Again, probably.

The colour green symbolises neutrality (is that even a word? … The weird dotted red line hasn’t come up underneath it so I’m guessing so…)

Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘neutrality’ is a swear word in some other language and if I may have just offended a whole nation… Apologies! Look, I didn’t swallow a Rosetta Stone, I weren’t to know!

Right, so – if you too want to purchase this beautiful shamballa and wear it on your wrist, then check out this link!

Link… My ink… We’re in August, let that SINK in. If you’re fitting a tap at this moment in time, you’re PLUMBALIEVABLE!