I’ve got that Friday feeling… When I get that feeling, I spend my time watching some of my favourite YouTubers or video bloggers.

So, this blog post is going to be crackalackin’ in written content but oozin’ boozin’ with visuals!

  1. Sara Asiya

2) Jenna Marbles

As you can tell from the videos above, the main thing I look for in YouTubers is humour. Humour is everything…

If I’m not watching Sara Asiya and Jenna Marbles on YouTube, I’m watching TV and/or marathons of the shows (online). I have to admit that I’m impatient when it comes to programmes… I literally cannot wait for some of my favourites to make it across the pond that I watch them on SockShare as soon as they get streamed.

Do I watch Netflix? Not really… I don’t watch anything Netflix-related because it’s more so a couple-y thing to do…  I suppose you could say that I have an account for – again – no reason whatsoever; and that I’ve subscribed to it for no reason. 🙈 I mean, if programmes I actually wanted to watch were streamed on the UK one, I might dedicate more time to it.