… injured myself while trying to impress a girl or boy I was interested in.

I injure myself with or without ‘someone to impress’… Put it this way, I rode horses for years and I never fell off once. However, since been doing kickboxing and zumba, I’ve been breaking/tearing everything.

… had to run to save my life.

Nope, thank God.

… taken food out of a trash can and eaten it.

Wow. So, is this something to be proud of?! 🤢 If so, I can’t say I have nor want to.

… cried / flirted my way out of a speeding ticket.

N/A. I can’t drive fully, yet… I’m still learning. I’ve got to put some time aside for my theory test.

… taken part in a talent show.

LOL. I actually have. It was when I was younger. I enjoyed it, not sure anyone else did though… 🙈

made money by performing on the street.


… broken something at a friend’s house and then not told them.

HAHAHAHAH! I have, they knew what had happened, they were there. FML. Can we, like, move on? Like, right now? Thanks.

… snooped through a friend’s bathroom or bedroom without them knowing.

No. Why would I? Who does that? 😂

… ruined someone else’s vacation.

Nope. I have no intentions to either…

… walked for more than six hours.

Was there an Uber, car, train, bus or plane apocalypse? That’s the only exception.

… jumped from a roof.

Karma, karma, chameleon again?! WHAT NOW?! In other words: “do I have a death wish?” No, no I don’t…

… shoplifted.

I can’t lift a weight/dumbbell and you expect me to lift a shop?! No. #ThugLyf ain’t for me…

… seen an alligator or crocodile in the wild.

I’ve seen Steve Irwin at Madame Toussade’s… He’s seen them! So, that counts right..?

… set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose.

PARDON?! WHO THE FLIP CAME UP WITH THESE ‘NEVER HAVE I EVER’S? As if that’s something to be proud of, as though it’s a rarity… 😱

… ridden an animal.


… had a bad fall because I was walking and texting.

I’m the type to have a bad fall because of gravity, texting doesn’t come into it.

… been arrested.

I’ve been on a police summer camp before – I was a geek at school. So, with that in mind – do you really think I’d ever get arrested? 😂


… pressured someone into getting a tattoo or piercing.

Myself? Look, I don’t own anyone else neither would I want to. It’s up to them.

… gone surfing.

Depends, if the internet counts as surfing, I’ve gone surfing a lot.

… walked out of a movie because it was bad.

‘Step Brothers’. It was embarrassing imo. The first scene was not for the faint hearted. Mind you, I’ve heard it gets better. 🙈

… broken a bone.

I break bones like fashionistas buy clothes. So, unfortunately – yes, yes I have…

… tried to cut my own hair.

My fringe. LOL! Let’s just leave it at L O L. I’m no Edward Scissorhands, trust me. More Spice Girls’ Zig-a-Zag-AHHHH!

… completely forgot my lines in a play.

Yes. I have. It was my part in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. 😂

… shot a gun.

WTF? Water pistol maybe. I haven’t even touched arm muscles referred to as “guns” so how you expect me to be within a vicinity of the real thing?! Nah. I want to live!

… had a surprise party thrown for me.

My mum did this for me, bless her! I was 11 years old at the time and she rented out a bowling alley.

… cheated on a test.


… dined and dashed.

GOD FORBID. Although – what are the rules on eating one or two pieces from the ‘Pick & Mix’..? 👅

… gotten stitches.

Not IRL, but I vaguely remember dreaming of it. I’m not even joking. I get really daredevil-ish and brave in my dreams… I’m the opposite in my conscious life. 🙈

… fallen in love at first sight.

Not yet.

… had a paranormal experience.

Yes, saw my grandad’s ghost at my grandma’s house. ❤️

… woken up and couldn’t move.

I have once, it was after doing spinning/cycle at the gym.

… accidentally said “I love you” to someone.

No. However, I’ve said it and realised I didn’t really feel that way afterwards though. As far as I know, true love comes once – and once only.

… hitchhiked.

Nope. I don’t do hitchhiking, I don’t go far enough to…

… been trapped in an elevator.

I have. At my old workplace. Hilarious but scary.

… sung karaoke in front of people.

Every day is karaoke for me.

… been on TV or the radio.

Yes, I graduated from a Broadcast Journalism degree, so there was a lot of radio involved, not mainstream though…

… pressed send and then immediately regretted it.

All the time.

… been so sun burnt I couldn’t wear a shirt.

No. Also, while we’re on the subject – I catch tans like everybody else does fallen stars. #NEVERHAVEIEVER.

… had a crush on a friend’s parent.

PARDON? WTF?! I like the older man but COME OFF IT!

… been awake for two days straight.

Yes, also known as: ‘in-some-Narnia’.

… thrown up on a roller coaster.

If I ever got on one, I’d imagine it’s the first thing I’d do – I just know it! Saying that, I’d probably puke before it even has the chance to take off.

… snuck into a movie.

Yes. And?! Don’t act like you haven’t… Trick is – buy a ticket and then visit all the screens.

… accidentally sent someone to the hospital.

No! Thank God.

… dyed my hair a crazy colour.


… had a physical fight with my best friend.

I have never been in a physical fight, ever.

… had someone slap me across the face.

No. 😂

… worked with someone I hated with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

Eh? No. I mean, there have been people in the past (at uni/school) where I’ve not got along with for whatever reason, but I don’t have time nor the energy to hate anyone or anything. Stay out of my way (or don’t), and I’ll stay out of yours.

… danced in an elevator.

I dance everywhere. Not necessarily good, mind…

… cried in public because of a song.

I cry all the time. I even cried at TED the movie FFS.

… texted for four hours straight.

My best friends.

… chipped a tooth.


… gone hunting.

Yes, hunting for makeup or food at the supermarket… That kinda thing, maybe?

… had a tree house.

Not me, but I’ve watched videos of people in tree-houses… 🙈

… thrown something into a TV or computer screen.

No, I’m not an angry person.

… been to a country in Asia.

I haven’t been. I’d like to go though…

… been screamed at by a customer at my job.



… spent a night in the woods with no shelter.

Again, I don’t have a death wish…

… read a whole novel in one day.

I have. The ‘I Heart New York’ book.

… gone vegan.

Vegetarian, not vegan.

… been without heat for a winter or without A/C for a summer.


… worn glasses without lenses.

I have. I love glasses.

… gone scuba diving.

I haven’t. I’d like to go S-Cuba diving though.

… lied about a family member dying as an excuse to get out of doing something.


… bungee jumped.

I had no choice, it was during a camping trip with my school. Funnily enough, I attended a school. Yes, so I did.

… been to a country in Africa.

I lived in a country in Africa… Sierra Leone.

… been on a fad diet.

Plenty. They don’t work hence the name “FAD”.

… been to a fashion show.

No, I can hardly find time to dress myself let alone watch others flaunt their attire after getting dressed.

… been electrocuted.

Me and my friends give each other electric shocks (somehow) all the time. Kinetic energy. 🙈

… stolen something from a restaurant.

No. I’ve paid for the food I stole from the plate of stuff I ordered though…

… had a bad allergic reaction.

Popchips, blue packet of M&Ms and salt.

… been in an embarrassing video that was uploaded to YouTube.

Probably. I don’t even know… Luckily, if I have, I’ve yet to come across it.

… thought I was going to drown.

Yes. I can’t swim in deep waters.

… worked at a fast food restaurant.

Not as such, I’ve worked out what meals to order IN fast food restaurants though…

… fainted.

Probably. Can’t remember though.

… looked through someone else’s phone without their permission.

Only when they had taken a secret, unbeknownst photo of me (that I wanted to delete)… I get all Ninja-y.

Thanks for reading this tag. All 1470 words of it. Xo