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I am so proud to unveil my new logo! ‘Logo parentis’ is occurrin’! I’m absolutely besotted in the face with it. I mean, just look at it!

Want to know the best thing? It only cost me a mere £5 (when purchasing it from fiverr). I cannot actually tell you how highly I recommend this service… But, have no fear ’cause I’ll delve deep into my soul and Miamii Dictionary of Words to find a way.

Disclaimer: the lady who completed my order (creating this logo for me) was an absolute babe! Her advert states that all orders usually take four days to make, but she enjoyed my concept/idea so much that she did in less than one day. Can you tell that I am so thrilled with it already?! It represents me, it represents my blog, it’s just perfect.

So, there you go – if you’re looking for graphic designers or logo makers, there are some awesome ones on fiverr! Check them out. Let me know what you think or even show me your designs. Let’s compare notes (and/or fiverr experiences). I’m so psyched!


Logo, Beauty Bae

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