L'Oréal Double Extension

For spectacular length discover Double Extension, our first reinforcing and extending mascara.

This 2 step Mascara is composed of:
STEP 1: Ultra-lengthening and fortifying base coat
-A conditioning white base coat enriched with Ceramide R and naturally-derived fibres that act like extensions to visibly lengthen the appearance of your lashes
STEP 2: Intense colour and coverage without clumping.
-The brush distributes intense colour from root to tip, making your lashes look longer without leaving clumps
-The result? Lashes look up to 70% longer

This tinga-ling right here, the L’Oréal Double Extension Mascara [Carbon Black]… Can I get several hundred thousand “AMEN”s and a “PREACH”? Yes, thanks so much!

So, like, I know, I get way too excited – but you know what, it’s L’Oréal – and this is my blog – so I can do whatever I like with it!


I cannot even explain the legitimateness of my love for this product… You can literally transform your lashes from “EYElashes” to “OMGlashes”!

You know when you put a product on your person and catch feelings for yourself: “FUDGE! DON’T I LOOK SMOKIN’?! (without the alarm?)” Yeah, that actually happened to me. That’s a very rare occasion.

So, it’s double sided – has two wands (like Harry Potter) – one primes and conditions, while the other darkens the lashes, lengthens, adding volume & curl.

Yes, as the packaging claims, my lashes did look longer and looked a lot better in terms of spacing. I say this because you do get those mascaras that drive your lashes to the corner of your eyes and you’re left thinking: “are they okay, or..? WAGWAN WITH THAT? Why’re they huddling together like a fight’s about to break out at school?” This doesn’t do that.

It’s perfection. I wore it today and yesterday and the day before that. I’ll continue to wear it every day. Even when it finishes, I’ll pop into Boots/Superdrug like a Skittle and buy another one. Who doesn’t love a Skittle, though? Smarties probably.

Anyway, back to this mascara, purchase and wear the heck out if it because it not only doubly extends your lashes, but it makes them look defined, fanned out, declumped/unclumpled/not-clumped or whatever the scientific “#bblogger” word is. It’s just, basically, in a tortoise shell (getting pretty bored of nuts now), L I F E.

You’re welcome and caio for now. I’ll take a bow, karate chop a wooden slab like “KAPOW” because I don’t want to get into a ROW, not NOW…

I’ll make a VOW to not be a COW. WOW. HOW did I come up with that? … Hmm, okay, I’ll see myself OW-T.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOM SHAKA SO LAKA THAT I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY!” Buy it with all of your pounds/euros/dollars/yens/rupees/franks/liras and use it on all of your lashes.