label.m Therapy – Toni & Sacha Mascolo present a luxury haircare range incorporating the exclusive Rejuven-8 ™ Complex. With eight of the most technologically advanced Anti-ageing ingredients and is designed to reverse the visible signs of ageing, leaving hair looking strong, radiant and youthful.

This sulphate-free conditioner will restore, replenish and rejuvenate hair and is designed to quickly transform weak, dull, aged hair into strong, radiant and youthful looking hair.

label.m, sounds like something I should be using, because I have too many Ms in my full name! The letter appears a whopping FIVE times!

label.m’s Therapy Rejuvenating Shampoo & Conditioner is a line that I’ve used previously, when I was blonde. Those were the days when I was a client at Toni & Guy. Not any more…

Toni & Guy are good, but it’s got to be said that two of their technicians ruined my hair. 😭

I loved the first colour technician that worked on it, she made my hair look beautiful. Sadly, she later left and I was assigned two different technicians who took over (at different times) and that’s when my hair went downfollicle (instead of hill).

After my hair became damaged beyond repair, the team suggested a shampoo and conditioner (this one in particular) along with treatments to nourish it. I tried them at the time, and remember that it did help a little – but my hair was dead and gone so…

I’m not saying these didn’t work, because they did. Also, I’m sure your hair is nowhere near as damaged as mine was at the time of using this…

However, I did expect, based on the price that I paid, for it to bring better results. Instead, as I’ve previously mentioned, a cut, the Lisap spray and monthly Olaplex 3 in 1 treatments were my saviours.

Back to label.m’s Therapy… I love the sleek, purple packaging. It’s very eye catching. The colour combo of lavender and silver really works well in my opinion. The smell? Divine. It smells floral and perfume-esque. I absolutely love it for its scent alone.

Best thing about it? It’s sulphate-free, which means it won’t damage your hair. It’s aimed at turning dry, damaged hair to its former glory.

My verdict? It helped me at the time, but as I said it wasn’t what made the ultimate difference.

Having said that, I’m sure if I was to use this now, I’d notice a drastic change in my hair’s thickness, feel, shine and texture. I love label.m and don’t have anything bad to say about it nor Toni & Guy. At the end of the day, it was my decision to go fully platinum blonde (from being raven haired). In hindsight, I shouldn’t have got too aHEAD of myself.