Our must-have tool for achieving a flawless, airbrushed looking base.

Introducing our very first foundaton blending sponge. The Total Cover Foundation Blender has a pointed tip for those hard to reach areas (like under the eyes and around the nose) and a flat surface to press foundation into the skin for a streak-free, airbrushed looking finish.

L'Oréal Beauty Blender

I’m going to let you finish what I start but… Can I get a “WAS THAT YOU ON BAE STATION?!”

Very few times do I sound like I’ve had 70 jägers, or thereabouts… Today, is one of those times. You know aphrodisiacs? Euphoria? Delirium? Endorphins? Adrenalin? …

All the good feels that come with thinking of someone who’s a complete and utter infinity spice times infinity squared? Yes, that’s what happens when I think about bae.

If he was German, which he isn’t (I don’t think?), I’d be German WHIPPED! I don’t do whipped though… Just, the figure of speech.

Anyway, enough about bae (for a few sentences at least), let’s move on to the actual L’Oréal Beauty Blender that I should’ve reviewed a long time ago but hadn’t got round to. Look, it’s absolutely more sanitary and hygienic than using a boiled egg. So, DOUZE POINTS, L’Oréal!

I use it when I can and I’ve never had a problem. What do I mean by ‘when I can’? When I get up early enough, and am energetic enough to apply makeup ‘pon the skin that fits my skull like a glove. LEGENDARY!

Alright, so – wet it, apply the foundation on your face with your fingers, then blend. That’s the magic of this beauty blender. It’s a Beauty, and he’s Bae. The Beauty (Blender) of a Bae. The packaging is gloriously chic, I didn’t expect anything less from L’Oréal. Also, the Beauty Blender is black which means it won’t stain – or it will but won’t show. RESULT (or several)!

I’ve literally run out of things to say… Therefore, I’m just going to randomly type stuff that come to mind… Chicken, dogs, unicorns, latte, love, cats, Twix, Halloumi, Red Wine, White Wine, De Christ Wine, Come Dine, Bae, BaeBae, Baeyond Bae, Baeoncé, Baelerus, I Baet you any money that I love Bae more than Bae loves Bae. How much Bae would a Bae chuck at Bae, if Bae could chuck Baes at Bae? Bae. Bae for now, tomorrow, the next day, a few years from now and then eternity.