Action men and doll faces! You voted in your twos on Twitter, and chose ‘Would You Rather..?’ So, this is my take on it!

Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?

Live one life that lasts 1,000 years. If I lived 10 lives, I’d not be around the time of bae’s existence, would I? I could make a new one, but I don’t want to.

Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?

Bae could be my eye drops if he’s around on Mayo 2.5.

Would you rather be without elbows or be without knees?

I’m constantly busting my knees – so I’d imagine being without them might alleviate the situation, and could even help them.

Would you rather experience a sharp pain in your side each time someone says your name or have a bell sound each time you are aroused?

Hahaha! Saved by the Bell. Have you ever watched it? 😉

Would you rather have a large 10 inch long belly button that swayed to music or have accordions for legs?

Definitely the accordion for legs… Music means more to me than dance. 🎸🥁

Would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye for an entire year?

If by “something” you mean the reflection of BAE staring back at me, I choose THAT (for not just a year, but an entire lifetime and afterlife-time). 💖

Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

Be a dragon… Bae better come slay me! 😏

Would you rather secretly have sex with a goat or have everyone think you had sex with a goat even though you didn’t?

Nah, goats (and other animals) don’t do it for me… Sorry!

Would you rather have hair nowhere on your body or be very hairy all over and not be able to shave?

I need head, eyebrow and lash hair – so probably “hairy all over”? If I’m not allowed to shave, that’s okay – I’ll wax.

Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind?

‘Say everything on my mind’… Mind you, I do that any way. I’ll tweet it if I couldn’t say it.

Would you rather be able to read or be able to read minds (but be illiterate)?

If you read this blog and my feeds, you’ll know I’m somewhat illiterate anyway, so reading minds sounds like it could be a welcome addition to my illiterate life. I want to read one’s.

Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?

Languages. I love languages… I think there’s scope to do both though, no? You can learn every language and be a master of something. Knowledge isn’t limited, it’s sexy!

Would you rather be in prison for five years in solitary confinement or not ever go to prison and not ever become rich?

No, soz – the Thug Lyf ain’t for me, cuz… I don’t want to be rich in economy – just in life… Leading a simple but happy (and law-abiding) life suits me more than fine.

Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

My body’s a temple, I ain’t showing it to Penguins and Polar Bears! 😆

I’ll definitely be rocking that snow suit in the Sahara though.

Would you rather change the past or be able to see into the future?

I’d change one thing if I could. The future is definitely going to be good cos we’re in charge.