Hey Megan’s Little Blog, I read your Tattoo Tag and it inspired me… So, here goes!

1. How many tattoos do you have?

I have just the one tattoo. People always say “once you get one you’ll want more”, as they’re apparently addictive… I want one more and only one more, my future husband’s name/initials tattooed on my finger. That’s all.

2. What is your favourite tattoo?

My favourite tattoo would have to be the one I’ve yet to have inked on to me…

3. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I was 25 (and still 25). I’ve talked a good game of wanting one since I was 20 years old… I waited until I found the right one because I wanted a Pegasus at first, but it was too detailed for the wrist and I’m not a fan of big tattoos on myself so I was reluctant.

4. What do your parent’s think about your tattoos?

You’ll laugh if I tell you my mum actually chose mine! She always said she wanted a butterfly or a heart tattooed on her back/shoulder personally, but that she wouldn’t be able to stand the pain, so I got one of a four-leaf clover instead.

5. Did you always have a love for tattoos?

I love art in general. Body art is just as nice. Although, I’ve got to admit I’m not a fan of full-body or over done ones. Like, if you can no longer see the person’s skin, it’s too much imo. Different strokes for different blokes/blokettes though… Rock it, and do you – always!

6. What was your inspiration?

I like unique things that people wouldn’t usually choose at first thought. So, the four-leaf clover was something I hadn’t seen before, but something with symbolism and meaning. I chose it based on the meaning. Also, it was around the time of St Patrick’s Day, I’m not Irish nor do I live in Ireland but I wanted some luck.

7. Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future?

Yes. See Q1 and Q2 for #TattooInspo.

8.Which tattoo was the most painful?

None. If I had to say which bit hurt most it’ll have to be the outline. The rest didn’t hurt at all.

Mind you, I have to go in for an infill of one of the leaves – so my answer could change! One of the leaves got way too scabby, and when it peeled off, most of the detailing came off with it… 😿

This reminds me, I’ve got to book it this week. Thanks!

9. Do you regret any of your tattoos?

No. I would never get one done if I was going to regret it…

This is exactly why I waited until 25 to get one. If I had gotten one at the time I began wanting one, I’d have regretted it. I waited for the time when I knew what I wanted, and waited for my mum to approve it before going through with it.

10. What was your least painful tattoo?

See Q8.

11  What did you use when it was healing?

I was told to use Bepanthan. Hated it. I then started using LUSH’s Celestial, it was so much better. You could even use Cocoa Butter.

12. What’s the best aftercare?

L’Oréal Tattoo Reviver #NEVERFADE! It’s boss. Honestly, it really refreshes any tattoo. Not that mine has been on long enough to need it, but it just enhances and brightens the colour up. I love it.