Hello you bunch of Goliath slaying legends! 👊

I’m bringing you an absolute blogfest today, so be ready… I’m feeling better! I’m revving my blogging engines and going at 0.0 miles per hour x1,000,000,000,0000,000. Still, umm, 0. 🙈

Right – MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix, the ting-a-ling that all vloggers go on about…

Honestly, it’s one of them ones where the amount of times I hear it mentioned in blogs, you’d think they put it at the top of their Christmas trees, like some sort of Holy Grail!

… You know what’s coming don’t you? 😆

Somehow, just somehow, I’m going to find a wae to fit bae at the top of mine, this and every year (for at least 3 years so far)… Hopefully one day he’ll be there physically, like the absolute bae he is! 💖

Back to the Prep & Prime water, I expected it to be better… I mean, judging by the hype it receives, you’d expect it to turn you into BeyoncĂ©

It didn’t. It didn’t even turn me into a premium version of my own self! I couldn’t even fly business class with it on my face if I tried…

A lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes skin and finishes makeup.

It’s good, it works, it’s just not deserving of the overhype.

All it is is chemical-ised, fragrant water that we spray onto our faces prior and post makeup application, guys… It’s not gold-plated Pad Thai that turns your stool into a bouquet or your tears/blood into liquid gold, bloggers really need to understand this!

The one thing I noticed is it made my makeup result look smoother. In hindsight, so could a good blendage of powder and/or a HudaBeauty makeup tutorial.

Also, it’s water so of course it’s going to refresh your face… How many waters have you drank or washed in that didn’t refresh your face?!

Even if you washed your face in a puddle outside, although your face’ll look dirty ofc, there’s no denying it hasn’t been refreshed, because moisture of the water variety is always going to be refreshing! Madonna bathes in her own urine, no lie. I wouldn’t, God no, but – point is, water is “refreshing”.

I’m just slightly, extremely unimpressed because I’ve wanted to try this for years and now that I have, I have not much good to say, probably because it’s mediocre. Stick to the make-up, their sprays aren’t the be-all-and-end-all as bloggers have you thinking.