Jenny Patinkin, what a legend, an absolute legend… If you haven’t heard of this name, and you’re in the beauty blogging industry, get to know! This lady is a sorceress of make-up and the brushing kind. #TheLazyPerfection

Angled to fit the curves of the face and soft enough to sweep, dab, stipple or blend. Use with any complexion product for a fast, smooth application every time.

I’m not going to *type* here (can’t really sit on a blog, can I?) and tell you that it’s not expensive because for £59, you’ve got to wish it has minimal plastic surgery powers too, right? It may not have plastic-surgery powers, but it definitely has the power of flawless.

I love how flawless my liquid foundation goes on. You can use this soft but thick bristle brush to apply anything from cream to liquid foundations, concealers, highlight, blush and contour… I don’t think powders work well on this because it’s too small a brush to powder an entire segment with.

The dual fiber bristles and angled head of brush deliver a thin layer of beautifully blended product.

I purchased mine from Amazon, but you cab get one from her website too. I am very hygienic with my brushes (only if I drop them on the floor). Look, I lead a somewhat busy life, I don’t have time to wash umpteen brushes. I have that cleanser oil thing though… So, I guess I clean them more than I give myself credit for.

Yes, so, if after reading this post, you don’t order an All-Over Face brush from Jenny Patinkin, I really do need another hobby.


Use a small amount of product and then buff, swipe, blend or sweep as preferred.

Finally, my brush used to look white, now it looks somewhere between caramel and burnt toast. It is partial to stainage (not a word, but should be) – depending on the type of foundations you use…

Hakuna maTA-TA!