Dior Backstage

Wowzers. Dior Backstage’s No15 Powder Brush is probably bigger than my whole face! Honestly. If it was on my face longer than the length of time it takes me to apply my setting powder, you probably won’t be able to see me.

With the expertise of its Backstage Makeup Artists, Dior has created a professional line of brushes for perfect, simple makeup application.
The brush is made with high-quality, natural bristles for the application of powders and powder foundations in comfort, and retains its shape perfectly after each use. The brush head is flat and dense to crush pigments and polish the powder for more intense coverage, as well as a perfectly smooth and luminous finish.

I love this one though… It’s not the most expensive makeup brush that I own, at £44.50, but its results are up there with the most expensive. Also, if I carry on reviewing brushes, you’ll start noticing that I’m not busy enough to write about them, but am too busy to wash them cos I don’t really wash this one either… When my face starts looking less like skin and more like Pimple District, I’ll contemplate giving them a bath.

The skin is like a canvas, and makeup the medium, so it seemed only natural for Dior to join forces with Raphaël, the art brush master, to produce the finest brushes.
Since its creation in Paris in 1793, the House of Raphaël has employed a savoir-faire founded on traditional practices: from hair collection to combing, assembly and quality control, each brush is handcrafted, necessitating the expertise of some thirty people.

Makeup brushes

If my selfies are anything to go by, I have more makeup brushes than I do clothes… 🙈 Yeah, they’re a necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need makeup, I wear it because I choose to… However, makeup brushes do make me happy.

PRO TIP courtesy of Dior:

Dip brush into powder, deposit excess onto a tissue, then apply in a circular motion, starting in the center of the face and working outwards. Use the brush to blend makeup seamlessly with the skin.

Hahah! I love how Dior’s spiel on the brush is longer than the entirety of my blog post… LOLS, thanks for helping me reach the recommended limit for SEO, Dior!

I’ve ordered the unicorn ones also… So, watch this space. If anyone loves a unicorn horn, it’s me.

Famous last words: this brush is DIORBAEL (durable).