I cannot stress this enough, I’m not a Man, contrary to my last name: “Mansour”…

When I’m somewhere where they have to refer to me by my full name, I usually get someone who obviously hasn’t ventured out of their house and has lived a rather sheltered life, to the point where they’ve never actually met another culturally diverse person. It does have a tendency to get awkward… Pronunciations of “sour man” all round, FFS! It’s  pronounced “Mansoor”, guys, MANSOOR! In case you’re still wondering, my last name is of Leb-a-KNEES origin.

Anyway, this one’s about men’s skincare ’cause I haven’t blogged about men’s skincare in a while… I’m sorry for neglecting that SAXY face of yours. You WIND me with your handsomeness, so what else was I going to say? You wind me UP at times as well, though…  😕 Are you Maltese? ’cause you’re a TEASE(R).

Eventually, I’ll get to the purpose of this post. Don’t worry. Bear with me. TED 🐻.

Right. Men. You need to wash your faces and take care of your skin.

The key to flawless skin (like someone who looks after theirs) is to use only the best products and have a regime.

Firstly, start of by choosing a cleanser (1) that adheres to your skin type. Once you have that, you’re all set… Then, it’d be good to invest in a scrub (2) for use on blackheads, shaving bumps etc. apply this once or twice a week. Then, try to find a good toner (3), this’ll close your pores after washing your face. Finally, buy a moisturiser (4) that you feel comfortable wearing and that combats your specific skin problem – whether it’s oil, dryness, acne, sensitivity etc.

That’s literally it. It’s not hard…

Happy skin-caring, legend. 💖