Justin Bieber’s song Cold Water is often confused with this cologne. A little FYI, I’d have the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge happen to me every second of my daily life for you – I wouldn’t JUST “jump into cold water”…

I love a bit of Davidoff Cool Water. I like the name Davidoff, sounds spiritual, like: David & Goliath! Some superheroes don’t wear capes, Dave being one of them! 🙏

I don’t know a thing about male’s cologne, but I do know a “NAWTY” scent when I smell one. I see Lynx on the shelf and I’m like: “Oh, okay.” So, guys, just do “whatever sprays your scent”, and when you have a fragrance that gets complimented or sticks to your clothes, that’s when you know you’ve found The One. *BRB as I turn into your fragrant smelling liquid in spray form*

Davidoff Cool Water. I bought it for my brother like YEARS ago and I’ll never forget it. It smelled cool. No, really. Look, I know it’s called ‘Cool Water’, but it actually smells like COOL FRESHNESS. I really like it, it’s understated and subtle but it does the trick.

Also, if I remember correctly, it’s a blue bottle. You know what happens when I see anything blue, don’t you? Nothing, I just stare at it and think: “Y U PRETTY?” 😍 much like every time I see a selfie of SOS (and I don’t mean a screenshot taken from Rihanna’s video).

Back to Davidoff Cool Water. If you want it, get it, if you don’t, it’s okay, I like it enough for the both of us. I’m sure you smell INSANELY GOOD anyway!

Side note: I’m sure if Davidoff Cool Water was given the power of personification, it’d be smiling all the time – that exact smile.