“When Doves cry…”

Right, guys, Dove want you girls to have the most BEAUTIFUL pits. Yeah, Shiloh & co. (Brangelina’s kids and/or your underarms).

Let’s not beat around your *probably NOT* unshaved armpit bush, you need to apply deodorant at regular intervals or else you’ll get STUNK and smell of B to the O!

You may be the BO$$ (as Fifth Harmony call us) and there may be a B and an O in the word but there’s also a SS for Stay Sanitary!

The reason why Dove want us to have the most beautiful looking and smelling pits in the world is so that when Bae tries to tickle them, they won’t get more than they bargained for!

Beauty Finish keeps you fresh for 48hours. It’s enriched with minerals and is an anti-perspirant deodorant that stops you from perspiring and getting sweat patches. Am I going to brave smelling mine after I’ve used it? Hahahahaha — yeah. 😑 The things I do for you people, I swear! 😷

Surprisingly, it doesn’t even smell like BO because I do an age old thing called WASHING, twice a day!

Back to what it smells like – I’d say a fresh soapy/fragrant scent… I don’t really know how to describe it… 😦 Umm, just like fresh fabric softener? … (but without chemicals that may be harmful to skin, obviously)!

I do like it. It is my favourite Dove roll-on deodorant. For Sure, it won’t let you down. Oh, wait – wrong brand! 😂