LOL! My life has become blogging about a nappy-rash cream, and no – before you ask, I’m not a parent yet… One day FAW (Suzanne) SHAW!

Anyway, I’m not discussing it because I’ve decided to start a parenting blog, so don’t get used to this… This is a spontaneous post, until I decide I’ve run out of ideas for great content to which I’ll review Johnson’s Baby Oil or Baby Wipes. #LivingTheBabylessDream

In all seriousness, I’m writing this because of my first and only (until marriage, where I’ll get the poor sod’s initials tattooed on my ring finger) or me and my friends decide to get a matching and symbolic one – tattoo, not a baby! I won’t be having babies with my friends LOL!

My tattoo artist suggested Bepanthen, so I bought it today and have been using it. I absolutely hate it. ūüė≠ It’s SO sticky, like if a poor baby has a rash, s/he’s going to get glued to their babygrow as well!

For tattoo purposes though, it supposed to stop infection and keeps it moisturised. Does it? I believe so. I mean, my tattoo shines for HOURS! It’s unreal how moisturising and greasy it is!

Still, it works well and keeps the colour fresh and vibrant too! I’ve taken the clingfilm off and my wrist has a new lease of life!

By all means put it on your fresh tattoo, but maybe try¬†another cream e.g.¬†Sudacrem for your baby’s rashes, they don’t deserve that. You’re welcome!