Winter is notorious for making our skin drier than usual, so it’s paramount that we take extra care when treating it, to make sure we’re keeping it in tip-top condition.

LUSH have a foot soap, mask and lotion that I’d like to introduce you to (or remind you of).

Lotion: Pink Peppermint. Is it pink? Yes. Is it Pepperminty? Again, yes.

Foot Soap: Pumice Power. Were any mice or pumas hurt in the making of this? No, none and no they weren’t. Is it powerful? Yes, yes it is.

Foot Mask: Volcano. Does it erupt or spew out lava? No, it doesn’t… Your feet will look hella less dry, and hotter though (if feet can ever look hot?)

I hate my own feet, so… Not really sure about others’ either as I’ve not really asked people to show me theirs… Thank FUDGE for that!

One thing I can say though is that the purchase and the use of these, is bound to attract a Mr Lova Lova (with a foot fetish). #Shaggy #Boombastic