Lush Cupcake is the next best since indulging in a Lola’s or Hummingbird Bakery’s cake in a cup…

Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

What is Lush’s Cupcake made of? Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Mint and Rhassoul Mud. It’s basically (also nothing basic about it) like a mint-chocolate scrub-mask. So, if you’re a fan on Mint-chocolate chip ice cream (but want to abstain from eating it and would like to lather it on your face instead), you’ll have struck gold with this one!

Like most of Lush’s masks, this one is a gentle exfoliator which helps to give your skin the deep-cleanse that it needs. It’s especially good if you’re leading a city life, commuting in and around polluted areas. “Cleanse and clarify with this chocolate(y) treatment”. That’s what Lush describes it as…

Also, like its brothers and sisters, Lush’s Cupcake is a fresh face-mask (thus should be kept in the fridge). This means you’ll need to finish it in a month, before the ingredients’ sell-by and use-by dates expire.

If, in the unlikely event that you forget to finish it in time, I believe they’ll still be safe to use on your body; just don’t risk it on your face. You could also *not* try eating it. It’s got cocoa powder in it, so how bad can it be? (Don’t!)

Try it (on your face and/or body) and tell me whether or not you feel as though it’s “BANG TIDY” (in the words of Keith Lemon, who, if he won’t “see you through the week”, he’ll “see you through t’ window”).

Should I do yet ANOTHER Lush post, tonight? Yes, yes I should. Seven posts and counting… I’m not even done yet! So, don’t ever say I don’t spoil you. I do. I spoil you, like milk. Spoilt milk. (just not the bad kind, as there is always a good kind).