I have had a surge of male bloggers following my blog, so this one’s for them!

I don’t know if my name, my profile picture, or the way I review ladies’ beauty products gives it away but I am shockingly a: WOAHman. You know, the type that makes some men run but then blame it on the half or full Marathon – which seemingly runs 364 days a year, apparently?

Side note: I’m not all bad, not on Monday 30th January anyway… That’s my day off! 😂

So, anyway, I raided my brother’s room for evidence that he actually doesn’t smell like sweat a lot of the time (he doesn’t!) and I came across this… It’s Right Guard’s roll-on anti-perspirant that I believe lasts up to 96 hours. It claims to “destroy odor and protect” your man’s or your (if you’re a man) ‘pits. Right Gaurd HQ have failed to mention if Brad Pitt still needs an entourage or if it protects him too… I assume so ’cause he’s still going strong!

There is more chance of getting blood from a stone than getting a quote from my brother regarding this (bless him!) so, I’d say just try it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.

If it’s good enough for my brother, it’s good enough for your man (or you if you’re a man), I assume… I didn’t even think to smell it. I don’t want to catch the BO lurgie from my Broski. So, I’ll leave that one to you guys… Buy it and see!

Again (lads), I’m sure there are other alternatives of roll-ons which work just as well, if not better, but who am I to judge? Ladies, stick to Sure. “It won’t let you down”. Unless you’re SURE that smelling like a man is what you want to do, then by all means do your thing!

You can buy it from Amazon UK (which is where he got his 3 pack* from) or in America.

*not pecs