Me in my Premadonna 87 ‘Whats a Waist’ 2-in-1 Shaper Sport Sweat belt (this morning)

Premadonna 87, the lady, the myth, the legend! She’s the lady that gives celebs and civilians like us their waists back! #WasteNotWantNot #WaistGoals #NoTimeToWaist

We have answered all your prayers and created a waist trainer and sweat belt in one. Perfectly aggressive and comfortable. NO zippers, NO clips, NO rolls or flips! Easy to put on and stay on. Includes an aggressive Latex inner layer. Literally melts away the fat. Comes in prints and colors. Perfect for every day use and for exercising. Will definitely improve your posture, provide lumbar support, AND shape your waist.

If you’re reading this Pre, thank you for giving me my waist back (and welcoming me into your Waist Gang society)! *the only “gang” I’ll ever approve of*.

My Summer 2017 body is getting there and it’s partly because of your incredible work-out and waist training belt which I have been wearing in my workouts at the gym (and at home)!

If you ladies/gents want to get one for yourselves, check out her website for more details!

What I love about this belt is that it’s sweat-resistant (I assume?) and unlike other waist trainers, it’s slightly padded so as not to squash your ribs.  It’s in no way a corset but gives hourglass silhouette of one!

It’s tight and fitted enough to cling on to all the right places, and hones in on the stubborn areas that working out (alone) will take longer to shift!

Me wearing my Premadonna Waist Trainer (2015-2016)

I also love the comic strip design on the back… You can get it in a range of styles, sizes and colours. I purchased SMALL!