Nivea Men: Post Shave Balm

Lol! Okay, before you all start making jokes, you need to know that I tried Nivea Men‘s balm as an experiment. It was on the grounds of a blogger’s experiment. I researched this gel and found that it features silicone – which can be used as a great base under make-up.

Plenty of bloggers and vloggers alike have used this as a primer and I thought, why shouldn’t or can’t I? So, I did. 🤣

The first question you’ll have after reading this is: “did it work?”, no? Well, it actually did. I mean, I’m not sure if I felt comfortable knowing I’m wearing a Men’s post-shave balm on my face, but if I’d told myself that I was in fact wearing Lush Magical’s Moringa, for example, I probably would’ve liked it a lot more…

I don’t want the fact that it’s a Men’s Post-Shave balm (and me not being a Man) to hinder this review because fact is: it’s actually a good product.

NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm calms the skin after shaving and combats irritation and moisture. This alchohol-free formulation is perfect for sensitive skin that lacks moisture.  It contains calming Bisabolol and Calendula, anti-irritant Allantoin and moisturising agents; soothing Panthenol and Vitamin E.

As I’ve stated before, I love thick gels or silicone-based products. They leave my skin even looking and fill in any fine lines I have or premature/deep wrinkles on others.

Look – I’m not going to lie… I do think its thickness blocked my pores, thus I had to blot it with my Mac’s Studio Fix to get rid of the excess shine. However, taking into account that it’s a silicone-based balm, it’s to be expected.

I didn’t like the smell of this stuff (on myself) either… It smells “manly” – which is fine, on a man, just not on me!

All in all, it’s not a bad substitute for a primer if you’re into the flawless but dewy look. It’s relatively affordable and cheaply priced too. So, if Lush ever have a drought of Magical Moringa, I’ve got a Plan B*

*not the one in the music bizz.

Finally, I’d give this a strong 3.5. To summarise, it leaves skin flawless, has no alcohol in it  – meaning it doesn’t dry the skin out or burn it for those who shave- and evens out the complexion. Having said that, without blotting, it’ll block pores and make your skin look greasy. Also, it being a Men’s shaving product that I’m putting on my face doesn’t bode well with me still, and neither does the smell.

I’d quite happily spray men’s deodorant if I wanted to smell like my man, but allow voluntarily putting a post-shaving balm on your face every day just to prime your skin! There are other feminine alternatives ladies, so this one gets a HELL NO*!

*Unless in a case of an emergency and no one knew that I was wearing it underneath my make-up.

On men? I say carry on using it (if you use it). It’s a good product and will work wonders on you (not that you need it) after a close shave, I’m sure…