My new trainers have arrived! You may remember that I mentioned these shoes briefly in my ‘My Fitness Journey‘ post – if you follow my blog (to which I’m eternally grateful).

Yes, they were delivered this morning (Friday*) and I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t think it was possible for them to look even better in person than they did on the website.

*I hope, ’cause I don’t actually know what day it is! I seem to have lost touch with my calendar after Christmas Day

These trainers were designed by Stella McCartney but are Adidas branded. They feel just as amazing as they look. I can go for long walks, a run, on the Cross Trainer or Treadmill – working out for an hour at a time – without getting tired or uncomfortable.

Is it wrong that I can envisage Mo Farah running in them as he competes in the 2020 Olympics before winning a few golds for Team GB? 🤣

Adidas gives you a choice of two colours… A burnt but bright Coral/Blood Orange or a White. As a lover of bold colours, I’ll give you three guesses as to which one I chose…

You want some clues? Okay then.

Think Hi-Vis jacket.

Think:  “I want to be seen by anyone and everyone as I come home from the gym at 4:30pm” (which in England resembles 12:00am at night).

There’s your answer and a picture to prove it.

Adidas Climacool Sonic Shoes

Don’t even ask why my sheets match my trainers! I must have had the Sixth Sense and known that I’ll purchase these bad boys one day.

Climacool, I believe, suggests that they’ll keep your feet cool in any climate. The ‘Sonic’ part? I don’t know… Maybe Adidas have a penchant for or are feeling nostalgic about Sonic the Hedgehog? 🤔

Air-condition your run in the adidas by Stella McCartney Climacool Sonic Shoes. Low-profile and lightweight in design, this shoe’s engineered mesh upper and boost™ energy return in the midsole keep your runs airy and energised.

In the words of the ‘Pengest Munch‘: “Crepe check!” – and no, I don’t mean Nutella & strawberries. Although, they wouldn’t go amiss to be fair.

Shout out to Stella McCartney, though, for putting the BAE in babe (and Adidas for reducing the price from over £100 to £50-something). That’s a whole 50% OFF!

P.S. these are a size five so I’ve got absolutely no idea why they look like they’d fit the female version of a BFG. It’s just as well that big feet are cool. However, they looked as though they’d be too big on me. Alas, they weren’t! Yay! My faith in Adidas was restored (although it was never lost, to begin with).


Miamii xxx