Minerva: Pure Gold Collagen

Before I get typing about this incredible new-to-me product that has changed my life, let me tell you a lovely story which probably – in fact – definitely won’t add anything to YOUR life whatsoever…

I went to Boots to pick up some vitamins and toiletries (it gets better, I swear! I’m not going to divulge into my sanitary regime just yet LOLS). 😂

Anyway, so I’m walking through and notice a Minerva Pure Gold Collagen stall. The lady who works for them starts talking to me then she asks how old I am.

Here we go… This is the good bit. This is the moment we’ve (just me probably) all been waiting for… “The piece de resistance.” I told her I’m 25 and she gasped and replied: “you don’t look it, you look so much younger!”


I wanted to say a few words at that moment, and they were as follows: “I’d like to thank my parents, God, and Lush Cosmetics (not in that order) for my wonderful genes, and I don’t mean Levi’s. If it weren’t for them, I’d probably look like I’m pushing 80.”

Jheeze! That beats the time a stranger (who I assume went to Specsavers) told me I looked like Janet Jackson of all people! There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking like Janet Jackson, she is what others might call a “MILF” in her own right but come on now… I look nothing like her! To be fair, it was dark so they could’ve easily been confused or seeing through beer goggles. Either or.

Oh crap, yes – we were discussing Minerva Pure Gold Collagen… It’s BOSS. I’ve wanted to try it since I saw adverts spread across buses (while still in University) but I was too young, apparently. Now that I’m at the ripe old age of…  *scroll up for more details* it’s high time I started looking after what the kind Lord (with a little help from my parents and Lush Cosmetics) gave me…

It’s CHRISTMAS: a time for celebration! 🎄🎅🎁

I love that it’s a fruity drink that tastes nice. I can’t put my finger on the taste, but it’s good all things considered… I also enjoy that it’s suitable for all over the age of 25 and that it helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

My skin feels plumper, more radiant, flawless, and looks glowing since starting this, and drinking one a day every day for 10 days. My hair looks like it’s in better condition and is so much easier to brush and maintain… My nails have grown a lot faster and stronger in a short space of time too.

Going back to its results on my face, I’ve also noticed a reduction in water-retention since taking Pure Gold Collagen. I don’t know how, but yeah… My face used to love looking like ‘Alvin’ the Chipmunk, so it’d go through bouts where it went from 0 to 100 real quick… It would just inflate when I least expected it to. Slight word of a lie (and exaggeration), I’d be walking down a street and BAM! It was like God started pumping invisible air into it (like an arm band, an exercise ball or a bike wheel/car tyre) and left me with chubby cheeks…

That’s a thing of the past though – since having Minerva’s Pure Gold Collagen enter my life and bloodstream. Try it. It’s BOSS!

You get a 10 day sample for £35. I got an extra three for FREE with facemasks chucked in for the fun of it – nothing to do with looking “younger” I expect (which come to think of it was probably the lovely lady’s sales strategy).