Love is a powerful, and unexplainable feeling. There are many different types of love. A mother’s love, a partner’s love, a friend’s love…

Love comes into our lives at different times, and affects us in different ways. We behave crazily and are willing to do anything for those we love.

I love love because everyone who I’ve ever loved, I have loved differently. Some, more strongly than others. But, it’s all love.

I have even loved someone without realising until it was too late… That I think is my biggest regret, I wish I’d known sooner.

When it comes down to it, I’ve loved a lot and I’m certain that I’ll continue to love for love is unconditional, limitless and something that should be done at all times, but done right*.

*Something I’ve had to learn the hard way

Although it’s an unspoken rule to love correctly, some people have funny ways of showing it. I’m one of them. I have a tendency to hurt the ones I love.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes. However, I’d rather to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

If you are priveledged enough to love someone, let them know and treat them well. Besides, it’s harder to love than it is to hate.

Be a lover, and fight (non-violently and non-harshly) for what or who you love. What I mean is, never give up. If someone messes up (depending on the circumstance), forgive them because no one is perfect. Some mature quicker than others – the rest just don’t see a damn good thing when it’s there in front of them for the taking.

If they’re worth it, prove it. If they’re not, focus on the times (even if few and far between) where they made you happy – for a split second or more.

Never forget the good times, always spread love and light.

Miamii x

P.S. in my opinion you can only ever truly romantically love once. The rest are strong crushes, lust and/or loving the idea of being in love with a person.

What does love mean to you? Get involved in the comments section.