It’s time… To read… My Magical Moringa review…

If only you knew how long I’ve been putting this post off for out of fear that I won’t be able to explain exactly how awesome it actually is. How do you describe something as beautiful as this? Impossible. I’m almost never speechless, but this got me. There are no words.

You know what? I love this. That’s it! The end. There is absolutely nothing left to say about it.

Sadly and apparently, “I love this. That’s it! The end.” isn’t sufficient enough so here goes nothing…

From the beautiful women of South America we heard whispers of rose hip oil‎, tales of argan oil from Morocco and the chatter of moringa in Ghana. We don’t believe there’s a miraculous, youth elixir hiding out there, but uniting the world’s most renowned beauty oils certainly creates magic. Discover an exotically-charged pot of loveliness which moisturises and primes the face at the same time.

I’m in love – like seriously deep, deep love. Everyone who knows me (or doesn’t) knows that I  cannot stop going on about how much of a beauty this moisturiser/primer is. It’s beyond exquisite.

Lush‘s Magical Moringa is the richest moisturiser/primer I’ve ever used but also the silkiest (and best). After applying, your skin will look and feel so velvetly soft, and beautiful that you won’t quite believe it’s yours.

When scooping it out of the pot you’ll notice that it’s thicker than your average moisturiser/primer. I’d describe the formula as being like an upmarket (lovely smelling) vaseline. However, once it’s blended into the skin, it reveals a weightless, even but glowing complexion. Without sounding repetitive and boring, I absolutely have nothing else to say apart from: buy it. NOW!

Luckily for you it’s in stock and you don’t have to wait what felt like an eternity for it to be restocked… I did, and it “took the biscuit”, an inedible biscuit at that! My message to Lush would be please make sure all the ingredients used to make Magical Moringa are available at all times because I can’t take another Magical Moringa extinction. 

It’s 100% the best purchase I’ve ever made from Lush, and you know as well as I do that there are a lot of amazing products to choose from!

Join me here tomorrow where I’ll be discussing the Lush toner waters. I’ll give a brief description of each explain which suits what skin-types. As you’ll come to realise, the Lush toner waters too are a great addition to any make-up or skincare routine.

If you’ve taken the time to read this, I just want to let you know that you’re special. I mean, not quite in the same league as Magical Moringa but there’s room for you too! 😉😜