L’Oréal’s Nude Magique BB Cream

I know L’Oréal Paris knows that we’re all “worth it”    but I hope they realise that they too are worth it! They are worth every penny that I’ve spent on them because their products are in a different (affordably-priced) league to any other high-street brand that I’ve tried.

Say hello to radiant and even-toned skin with L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Medium. Providing 24 hour hydration to keep your skin touchably soft and supple, it also contains SPF 20 to protect your skin against damaging UV rays.

Lightweight, it transforms on contact with your skin, releasing smart pigment capsules that work to conceal imperfections, correct tone and improve your skin’s texture. Your skin will be left looking smooth and healthy, with a barely-there finish.

I mean, I had never been into the whole BB cream thing until I tried their Nude Magique 5-in-1, this Summer. Why am I reviewing it now? Well, Autumn has arrived and I’m getting a little nostalgic, okay? 😭

L’Oréal never disappoints with its wide variety of make-up shades, and effective skincare ranges that suit all skin-types. Also, every make-up product I’ve purchased from them  -I’ve loved – because it looks so natural!

The L’Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream comes in three shades, 01 (light), 02 (medium) and 03 (dark). I think I’m a 02 (but what do you care, we’re all different right? 😆). The 02 suits olive skin-tones, or so I’m told…

As with anything, I had to do my research before buying because then I wouldn’t be able to give you all a fair review. The majority of the reviews that I came across loved it and said it’s perfect for Summer due to its light coverage. Others said they’d hoped it’d be thicker… I mean, you really cannot win with the net! 😂

1) BB creams are supposed to be light. They’re a tinted-moisturiser not foundation!

2) if you’re after a heavier coverage, add powder or concealer – it’ll look better, trust me!

Anyway, let’s get back to my review. I love L’Oréal’s Nude Magique because it gives that nude, magical feeling it’s named after. Upon wearing it, you feel as though your skin is bare but there’ll be enough to notice a subtle and magical glow.

Mind you, the only thing I was slightly disappointed about is that I didn’t Magique’ly transform into an exotic lady from the Parisian munching on a Brie baguette  with a “Fghensh axxön” to match — that’d be ‘French accent’ to you somewhat normal Earthlings. 😉

Packaging: it comes in a lavender coloured tube,  and you get a fair bit for your money. Like most things I blog about… #Bargain*

*If you’re looking for the ‘Hunt’ part visit your nearest Superdrug or Boots.

Consistency: it’s a white/beige cream with small exfoliating beads that feel incredible on the skin. After gently massaging it into your freshly-washed, prepped and primed skin (using either your hands or a brush) you’ll be left with a satin-to-touch but dewy-to-see glow, perfect for selfies with (or without) the addition of setting powder and/or your usual contouring routine.

Personally, I add to it only because I like my makeup to look finished. I’ve never left the house with just foundation on because if I did, I’d feel half-ready.

That’s like remembering to wear your trousers but forgetting to put on a top that goes with it… Not remotely similar but you get the picture! Oh no, hopefully not that kind of picture! 🙈

Results: I love the finished look. It’s a great non-thick and non-greasy base to any powder make-up. I’ve not broken out when using it either so I’d recommend it to everyone who was thinking of trying it.

If you’re looking for something that is sensitive to your skin but gives you a natural glow, choose L’Oréal’s Nude Magique. This product is not restricted for use only in the Summer months by the way. You can wear it whenever, throughout the year if you want to. I mainly wear it in the Summer months because it’s light and airy, so as not to clog my pores if/when I sweat.

What? 😳 We all sweat (but call it “sebum” because it sounds classy, does it though?) 😂 Just make sure you’re carrying some setting powder for the face (and deodorant if it’s anywhere else, obvs). 😘