Holland & Barrett: Magnificent Mango

Hi Holland & Barrett,

Almost six whole months on, I’ve decided it’s time to review your Magnificent (dried) Mango, as requested.

It’s been too long, I know, but what can I say… I’ve been too busy eating them to even contemplate blogging. 😋

For those of you who are not the actual H&B but want know what I’m rabbiting on about (and were too lazy to read the headline), it’s Holland & Barrett‘s “good and Organic” dried mango! These can be found in the dry fruit and nut Pick ‘n’ Mix section and/or in little bags by the till. Personally, I prefer the ones from Pick & Mix because they’re fresher and are topped up/replaced each day.

Our Magnificent Mango is 100% organic dried mango slices. A naturally sweet and chewy tasty treat – terrific!

I’m a lover of Mango. It’s no secret that anything with “man” in the title is a straight up win for me, but the Holland & Barrett dried mango slices are something else entirely. I consider myself quite a Mango connoisseur (not that such things exist), meaning I know a good, ripe mango when I see (or hear of) one. So, take it from me when I say that the dried mango slices sold at H&B are darn good ones!

I know their ‘Magnificent Mango’ is  described as containing “dried mango slices” but they’re really not dry – not the ones I’ve tried, anyway! The ones I tried (and have been trying for months) are succulent, juicy and tender but with the right amount of chewy. What I mean is, they don’t get stuck in your teeth or annoy you until you’re forced to brush them off, unlike other brands.

They’re also moreish and an absolute delight when garnished on a few dollops of Coconut Greek Style yoghurt. Ohhhh, get me! Proper Nigella of the dairy/breakfast variety… #FoodEnvy

Seriously though, you need to try them if you’re into the whole healthy living, eat clean, train lean, turn green (not like The Hulk) malarky. If you love fruits, mangos in particular, and are partial to the dry (but not actually) variety, get yourself down to your local Holland & Barrett and taste them for yourself.

It’s all love – and Mangos.

Miamii 😉 xxx