Lush Colour Supplement

Good evening Dollfaces and ‘Kenbiceps’!

I mean, what the heck else was I supposed to say?!

I’ve recently discovered the Holy Grail of budget foundation and you’re going to bloody well have to hear about it! Lush‘s Colour Supplements are probably (actually, no – not probably, definitely) the most underrated product Lush supplies.

For beautifully-finished skin, try this versatile mineral-free base that’s perfect for darker, yellow-toned complexions. We blend in the pigment to a cream base of gentle rose petal infusion, which helps to reduce redness, vitamin E-rich rice bran oil for adding moisture, and titanium dioxide to help protect the skin from the sun. Mix a little with your favourite moisturiser and apply to clean skin evenly.

I thought I’d try some on because I was in that “I want to buy everything this store is selling” mood and that’s when I picked up one of their tiny but mighty pots! Having briefly worked at Lush in the past, I’m all too familiar with their make-up range but I just didn’t know how good it was on me because I’d never tried it… After trying it for the first time a few months ago, I really started questioning my existence as well as why I hadn’t… Deep stuff, huh?

You can always count on me to take our conversations to the #GreatBarrierReef (with or without a passport). I love how I just seem to go on a tangent every time I write… You really get a sense of what goes on in my head!

Right, let’s continue discussing the Colour Supplements! Although the foundation pot (I think of it as a foundation but you might decide that it’s a tinted moisturiser) appears very little, there is more than enough to get two-three month’s use out of it. For under £10, that’s a bargain and a half! #STEAL (don’t take that literally, I do not condone theft!)

I tend to apply it with a brush on top of my Lush routine and once applied, it leaves a light-medium coverage with a dewy finish…

Side note: I use shade ‘Dark Yellow’ – so, if you’re an olive-skinned girl  – like me – that’d be your best bet.

For those of you who are interested in my Lush routine, this paragraph is for you… I start by washing my face with Coalface, then I spray  Eau Roma toner water followed by Enzymion. I was using Imperialis over Enzymion (as a primer) because there was an issue with an ingredient found in Magical Moringa (which is the primer that I swear by). You and I both will be pleased as punch (the drink) to know Magical Moringa is BACK and about time too! Thanks, Lush.

By the way, if you’d like me to review any of the products I’ve mentioned above, let me know in the comments section and I’ll get drafting!

I find that after applying the Colour Supplement, my skin looks clear, smooth and my skin-tone is evened. I love the feel of it on my skin along with its nutty scent (Happy #NationalNutsDay, I’m NUTS and proud).

The more I apply this product, the smoother and clearer my skin becomes. I’m ecstatic about the fact that it’s also never broken me out or  aggravated my skin in any way.

Like Lush’s Lust perfume, this foundation is the first of which I’ve received compliments over. A lady stopped me in the toilets *of all places* to tell me that “it looks great”! #GetIn #Winning … Usually, the only times I’m approached in toilets is when someone thinks to inform me that I have toilet paper stuck to my shoes. So, it was a very welcome approach (the foundation compliment NOT the TP comment).

That’s all for today… I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more posts.

I’d like to take this opportunity to get sentimental and emosh –  thank you for coming back to read my posts. Thanks to all who have subscribed or followed me on here or via social-media and to those of you who pass-by to read what I’ve got to say, I love you! I write these for YOU as well as myself. You’re great.

Caio for Naio (now),

Miamii (NOT “YOUR AMII” ’cause – I mean, what even is that when it’s at home?!?).